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Curaleaf Dispensary

Everything medical marijuana patients in the state of Florida need to know about the Curaleaf dispensary, Curaleaf products, the Curaleaf discounts, and information about Curaleaf Florida is displayed below.

Curaleaf Florida Contact Information

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Curaleaf Discounts

Curaleaf First Time Discount

First Purchase: 50% Off For First Time Patients

*There is a limit of two products per each administration route. This offer is not to be combined with any other Curaleaf discounts, promotions, or rewards program points. This first time discount is only valid for patients who have not made a purchase at any of the Curaleaf Florida locations. Curaleaf would like to inform patients that additional restrictions may apply.

Curaleaf Discounts Renewal

When patients renew their medical marijuana card with the state of Florida they receive $75.00 off their entire order of $150.00 or more or $25.00 a purchase of $75.00. This renewal is yearly and the expiration date will be printed on your medical marijuana card and can be found in the email from the state as well.

Veterans Discount

The Curaleaf dispensary is grateful for the service our brave veterans provide and they honor these veterans and their spouses with a 20% discount on all purchases. Patients must show a current veteran ID card, present a DD214 document, or present a valid Florida state drivers license with the “V” emblem. Veteran discounts are not stackable with other discounts or promotions.

Senior Discount

All day everyday at all Curaleaf dispensary locations patients that are over the age of 60 get 10% off their entire orders. The Curaleaf discounts for seniors apply to both pickup and delivery orders. The Curaleaf senior discount can not be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Pediatric Discount

The Curaleaf dispensary provides patients under the age of 18 with a pediatric discount of 40% off orders. This is the largest pediatric discount in the Florida cannabis industry! The Curaleaf discounts for pediatric patients and their caregivers are only valid with proof and are not able to be combined with other offers or promotions.

Birthday Discount

Curaleaf Florida wants all of its patients to feel special on their birthday by offering a one time $15.00 off a purchase of $50.00 or more during the patient’s birthday month! This Curaleaf discount is not able to be stacked with any other discount or combined with any other Curaleaf promotion.

Curaleaf Dispensary Information

Curaleaf Products & Promotions Alert

Curaleaf offers patients daily updates on new Curaleaf products, special limited time promotions, and much more with their alerts program.  Patients are able to sign up for the Curaleaf dispensary alerts program by clicking here and scrolling down to the very bottom of the page.  In the bottom right corner of the website patients can view a link that says “Sign Up For Our Mailing List.”  Patients will select the above mentioned option and enter in their personal information, then select the “Subscribe” option.

Loyalty Rewards Program

The more patients shop at the Curaleaf dispensary the more they are able to save with the Curaleaf Florida loyalty rewards program. For every $1.00 spent at any Curaleaf Florida dispensary patients will receive 5 loyalty points added to their patient profile, minus any discounts given. There are no reward points provided for delivery fees. Patients are eligible for 500 loyalty reward points on their birthday. Please visit any Curaleaf Florida location for information on how to redeem these points and which Curaleaf products are eligible to be purchased with these points.

Curaleaf Patient Referral Program

A patient referral is defined as a patient that has not ordered at a Curaleaf dispensary location before and places their first order for Curaleaf products using the name of the patient that referred them to Curaleaf. Once this new patient places their first order at any Curaleaf Florida location 500 reward points will be placed into the patients account that provided the referral.

Curaleaf Florida Consultations

The Curaleaf dispensary provides patients with the ability to schedule an in person consultation if they would like to speak with a certified Curaleaf products consultant. The consultation is FREE and patients can schedule the appointment by contacting the Curaleaf Florida location that is nearest to them.


Curaleaf Florida provides delivery all over the state! If patients order $125.00 or more of products, after discounts, the delivery is free. For delivery orders under the $125.00 amount there is a delivery fee of $15.00. The delivery fee is not subject to any kind of discount.

Payments Accepted

Curaleaf Florida accepts payments in the form of cash, debit card, or the CanPay App. Payments made with a debit card will have a service fee charge applied. Almost every Curaleaf dispensary location will have an ATM available for patients to use.

About Curaleaf Dispensary

The Curaleaf dispensary is the nation’s leading source for cannabis products that are held to the highest standards of effectiveness, safety, quality, consistency, and care.  The Curaleaf products have been providing medical marijuana treatment patients with high quality cannabis for health and wellness for the last decade.  During this past decade Curaleaf has learned exactly how to cultivate the purest, cleanest cannabis strains from hand grown, healthy and happy cannabis plants.  Curaleaf believes there is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to cannabis products.  So, in addition to providing patients with fresh cured quality flower, they have also crafted a plethora of Curaleaf products to accommodate any patient’s lifestyle.  The Curaleaf dispensary puts a special focus on the patient’s relationship with cannabis products.  The Curaleaf products expert likes to match the right product with the right patient.  Product education is the main focus at Curaleaf dispensaries to ensure each patient can get the most out of their medical marijuana treatment program.

The medical marijuana industry experts at Curaleaf Florida work with the staff at Releaf Medical to provide the correct delivery routes, dosage, and products to ensure patients receive compassionate and effective care.   If you are considering medical marijuana treatment in Florida and would like to visit one of the many Curaleaf locations you will first need to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor.  Releaf Medical provides medical marijuana card evaluations for new patients, re-evaluations, and patient transfers.  Find the relief you are looking for by scheduling your marijuana doctor evaluation today!  


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