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710 Meaning

What is the 710 meaning, well 710 Day, celebrated on July 10th, is a relatively new but rapidly growing holiday within the medical cannabis community. Unlike the more widely recognized 420 Day, which celebrates cannabis culture in general, 710 Day focuses specifically on medical cannabis concentrates, particularly oils and dabs. The name “710” comes from the word “OIL” when flipped upside down and backward, highlighting the day’s emphasis on cannabis extracts. When you hear about holidays to celebrate cannabis, you still may be left clueless when left on your own to consider the 710 Day meaning. It’s just three numbers, and we already have 4/20 or 4:20 however it is you choose to celebrate that one. Is there a reason for another numbered weed holiday, what is 710?

What Is 710

Just like it’s older, more well-known and celebrated holiday, 710 Day is a date. You guessed it, it falls on July 10th every year. That doesn’t help explain what 710 Day is or how you celebrate it, though. Basically, 710 Day is the day to celebrate OILS, and concentrates of all kinds. If you are fluent in elect speak you may see how 710 would represent marijuana concentrates. If you look at 710 upside down, those numbers spell out OIL, and so in a move that combines a love for cannabis concentrates and oils, and solid marketing teams for everyone’s local dispensary, 710 Day was born. Cannabis concentrates like wax, shatter, budder, live resin, kief, and rosin are all relatively new products to be sold at your medical cannabis dispensary, but they have taken off in popularity, apparently worthy of their own day to celebrate them. Not that we needed a reason to stay home and take dabs all day, but now we have 710 Day, a holiday for just that occasion.

Who Celebrates 710 Day & What Is 710 Friendly

Being 710 friendly refers to any environment or person that accepts or uses cannabis concentrates and oils. It is another nod to the infamous indication of supporting medical marijuana and its myriad benefits, “420 Friendly.” Just like its more famous counterpart, 710 friendly means that anyone there will support the use or the production or sale of cannabis oils and other concentrates. It’s essentially waving a flag that says, “Come dab with me.”

What Is The 710 Meaning

What Is 710 Day | Be 710 Friendly Get An MMJ Card Today

How To Celebrate 710 Day & Be 710 Friendly

As it still falls under the “Less known, even less legal” category of holidays, you can’t really hold a 710 Day picnic at your local park or give out 710 Day cannabis concentrates to your employee of the month (unless you work at Releaf Medical), but you certainly can celebrate in your own way.

The most popular way to embrace the 710 meaning and to celebrate 710 Day is to invite friends over for a dab session. Dabbing involves vaporizing cannabis concentrates in a dab rig or terp pen. Bust out your trusty blow torch, load up your dab rig with your favorite wax or shatter, and rip that bad boy until you see stars. Then pass that rig to the left and let your buddy celebrate 710 too. In some places, though not quite yet in Florida, cafes and bars will have expos for oil enthusiasts to come and try merchandise and purchase some to take home. Soon, one can hope.

Another way 710 Day is celebrated is through dispensary events with promotions and launches. Make sure you research which dispensaries near you are going to hold an event, and line up early outside, because these holiday promotions are usually very popular among oil enthusiasts. 710 friendly events and 710 day celebrations will bring out the hardest dab-hitting homebodies from their dens to grab up all of the best priced and best tasting new goodies offered. Dab bros will be out in the masses on these discount days.

If you are new to 710 Day and weed concentrates in general, this might be a good time to learn about it as you may find an educational workshop in the area. It is exactly like it sounds, where a seasoned veteran or budtender can show you how to pick the right concentrate for you, and how to choose and use the right apparatus to ingest your newfound hobby with. There is a lot more to taking a dab then simply torching up some glass and dropping your concentrate in the bowl, but you’ll have to attend one of these how-to sessions to find out what! You’ll also learn about safety and consumption dosages to make sure you don’t overdo your dabs and green out when beginning your cannabis concentrates journey. Highly recommended.

I don’t want to put social media on a pedestal, but you may find some local social gatherings that will have all of these features in one venue. The 710 Day community is generally open to newcomers, and would love to spread the word, share the 710 meaning, and the fun that 710 friendly brings with it. Thanks to the law being what it is, you may have to search for private parties, but there you can enjoy your cannabis concentrates together comfortably and safely.

710 Meaning Summary

So, what is 710 Day, the medical marijuana world is ever expanding, thanks to today’s recognition of it as a plant with significant health benefits and its ability to treat and mitigate a number of symptoms and health issues. Things like pain relief, insomnia, PTSD, and nausea can be treated through cannabis concentrates. Substances like live resin and budder are exquisite and a welcome addition to the number of ways you can choose to ingest your cannabis. Oils and concentrates can be eaten, used in a tincture, or discretely used through a dab pen, in addition to the more traditional dab rig. All of these oils and having a special 710 Day, according to many people in the medical and recreational marijuana industry and enthusiasts alike, means that you can let your weed concentrate flag fly high, real high.

The 710 meaning is that you can enjoy a vibrant and multifaceted world of concentrates that unites the medical cannabis community in an appreciation of progress in the offerings of the cannabis plant. Whether you celebrate through social gatherings, event launches, or cooking classes using oils as an ingredient, or you want to learn more about the safe use and consumption of oils, 710-friendly events and parties are where you will find your like-minded cannabis oil enthusiasts. It is a good time to connect, learn, and celebrate your love for all things cannabis. Maybe next year you’ll be the weed enthusiast explaining the 710 meaning to a new green-behind-the-ears curious user, and you may guide them to safely and appropriately enjoy OIL/710 day! If you want to know where any dispensary near you is going to offer discounts, we highly suggest checking out the daily deals on FL Cannabis Deals or ask the friendly staff at Releaf Medical, and they will point you in the right direction! Safe Dabbing, everyone!

What Is The 710 Meaning

What Is 710 Day | Be 710 Friendly Get An MMJ Card Today

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