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California Sober

A lot of uproar has been made about the recent phenomenon of being California Sober. Some might be wondering what is California Sober? Many people who adhere to other, more strict versions of sober living may take offense at the thought of living Cali Sober, but others who may feel they don’t need to be forced into something like Alcoholics Anonymous or similar programs may find solace in what California Sober offers. In fact, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous himself was California Sober. The debate arises in if the California Sober meaning of sobriety doesn’t actually promote the formal definition of living sober, so let’s consider what does California sober mean, anyway?

California Sober Meaning

What is California Sober? To put it plainly, and the reason why California Sober is being discussed in a medical marijuana blog, Cali Sober means leaving harder drugs behind, while allowing to maintain a lifestyle with some medical cannabis use. Some versions of what California Sober means psychedelic substance use is allowed, and the main focus is to stay away from harder, more addictive substance abuse. This will usually include abstaining from alcohol, given its potential for addiction and the adverse effects of habitual use and its health impacts. There is also an element of focusing on health and wellness, like eating well, doing exercise, and mindfulness practices like meditation. If you read that and think you currently live California Sober and you don’t consider yourself adhering to a sobriety program and you feel a little off-put by the notion, let’s look at why that’s part of the appeal for living Cali Sober and what the benefits are of having a sobriety program that isn’t really your traditional “sober living.”

The common perception of having to go through sober living is that someone has lost control of their life to either drugs or alcohol, and needs a serious program, living facility, and support group of people to help fight those demons. It means admitting you have a problem, that you are unable to handle it on your own, and that your life needs a major adjustment. I am not a betting man, but I would wager that these programs do not encounter too many addicts that need to be in a program like Narcotics Anonymous for their marijuana use. That is not to say that marijuana is immune to criticism, or that there’s literally zero people addicted to marijuana, but when you consider living California Sober, there are quite a few reasons to consider marijuana a benefit as opposed to a harmful addictive substance that needs to be avoided like other harder and harmful substances.

Benefits Of Living Cali Sober

Let’s imagine someone, let’s call him Orlando, works Monday to Friday and they like to let loose on the weekends. Most of the time it means going out drinking with friends, and some of those adventures lead to something harder like cocaine. They have no problem keeping their job and keeping themselves composed throughout the week, but when the weekend arrives they find themselves wanting to find that late-night baggie, and weekends get a little longer and harder to recover from. Then Orlando sleeps in one Monday after an especially late night promising his new friend from the bar that they are going to start a boat chartering business together, and misses his employee performance review, leading to, you guessed it, a pretty bad review. It’s time to get his life together before something worse happens. There are numerous similar situations where California Sober living is useful.

Cali Sober means a lifestyle change and a change in mindset. It means being selective about your substance use. Prohibiting the use of harmful substances has near immediate improved physical and mental health effects. The ability to comfortably smoke a joint before watching a movie and going to bed is a way to ease the pressure and anxiety from avoiding all substances. Orlando might be tempted to open a bottle of wine but he knows where that leads, so he opts to eat a 10MG weed gummy and relax. And it works for a lot of folks.

Orlando finds himself getting more and better sleep at night, waking up energized and happy in the morning, and focusing on his broader commitment to health and wellness. He cooks healthier dinners, meets a nice lady at the gym, and they start a business and a life together. What a success. He even ate some mushrooms at the bluegrass festival the other week without guilt or stress about waking up the next day wanting more. The ability to avoid a rigid and demanding sobriety program allowed for a focus on holistic improvement physically and mentally. This is a much lighter approach to sobriety, and for that reason California Sober is not for everyone.

What Does California Sober Mean

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Drawbacks And Risks Of Living Cali Sober

The California Sober meaning is understanding yourself and your limitations when it comes to substance use. There are some dangers to self-medication, however. Moderation can be a challenge, even for medical marijuana use. People with addictive tendencies may have trouble controlling their use.

Instead of having a calming and relaxing effect, the use of marijuana or psychedelics may trigger a desire for more and harder substances or alcohol. Like everyone’s favorite Jackass star, Steve-O says, “My weed bone is connected to my booze bone, and my booze bone is connected to my coke bone. And then it’s all this crazy stuff.” And so it goes for people who realize the slippery slope of substance use for themselves. The return to old habits is definitely more likely if you are tempting fate by following patterns that got you into sobriety in the first place. Many people who feel they can sustain living California Sober will find out that is not true, and may need to abstain entirely from substances for an extended amount of time.

Some people that try California Sober living fail to treat the underlying problem of their substance use, which often arise from things like trauma, stress, or unresolved issues. Without the holistic approach, meaning mental and physical health attention, people may fail to confront these underlying conditions which makes relapsing a much higher probability.

The negative associations with marijuana use still exist when you live Cali Sober. What does California Sober mean when weed makes people have impaired judgment and cognitive function, the lack of motivation, and the other side effects of marijuana still exist. The only solution to that is total abstinence and that is a theme to be addressed in its own time.

Are There Cali Sober Rehab Facilities

Of course there are, because this is America and where a profit can be made there are multitudes of entrepreneurs to fill that Cali Sober hole in America. There are also books about the lifestyle of Cali Sober, and retreats for cleanses that lead on a path to California Sober living on your own.

We have covered what is California Sober and what does California Sober mean, in a functional sense. There are obvious nuances to the program and it is always good to investigate a sobriety program before you decide whether it is right for you, so don’t be afraid to look into whether it suits you or not.

California Sober Conclusion

In conclusion, embracing the California Sober lifestyle offers numerous benefits, from improved mental clarity and physical health to enhanced social interactions and personal well-being. By choosing a path that balances abstinence from hard drugs with the mindful use of medical cannabis, individuals can enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life. This lifestyle has gained significant attention in the media, thanks in part to endorsements from celebrities like Willie Nelson, Demi Lovato, Billy Idol, and most recently Jelly Roll, who have found success and happiness through this approach. As more people explore the Cali Sober way, it stands as a testament to the evolving understanding of medical cannabis use and the pursuit of holistic health, shedding the stigma of marijuana being a drug and that cannabis offers medicinal value to a large variety of alignments and illnesses.

What Does California Sober Mean

Want To Get Cali Sober | Get An MMJ Card

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