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Charlotte Figi | A Tribute To A Pioneering Spirit In Medical Cannabis

April 7th is a day of profound significance in the world of medical cannabis, marking Charlotte Figi Day, a tribute to the young girl behind Charlotte’s Web CBD, whose story catalyzed a monumental shift in the perception and utilization of CBD and cannabis for medicinal purposes. Charlotte Figi’s journey is not just a story of personal triumph and tragedy but a beacon of hope that illuminated the potential of cannabis-derived treatments, leading to significant legislative and societal changes, particularly in states like Florida.

The Remarkable Story Of Charlotte Figi

Charlotte Figi suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy that began in infancy. Faced with relentless seizures that conventional medications failed to control, Charlotte’s quality of life was profoundly impacted. In a bold move driven by desperation and hope, her family turned to cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Thanks to the work of Stanley Brothers Cannabis and their strain of cannabis that boasted a high CBD and almost no THC content. When Charlotte tried this particular strain, the frequency of her seizures dramatically decreased, she went from multiple seizures a day to only a handful a month, showcasing the potential of CBD as a treatment for certain forms of epilepsy. Her story, widely publicized, became a pivotal moment in the medical cannabis movement, challenging long standing prejudices and sparking a conversation about the medicinal value of cannabis.

Charlotte Figi’s Impact On Medical Cannabis

Charlotte Figi’s impact on the medical cannabis movement cannot be overstated, and her accolades and accomplishments, while not in the form of traditional awards, can be measured in terms of the profound influence she had on changing perceptions around the use of cannabidiol (CBD) and sparking legislative changes. Here are some of the key accomplishments and the ripple effects of her story:

Public Awareness And Changing Perceptions

Charlotte Figi’s story played a critical role in shifting public opinion about medical cannabis. Her remarkable response to CBD-rich cannabis in treating her severe epilepsy was featured in high-profile media outlets, including CNN’s documentary “Weed” by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, significantly raising awareness, and altering perceptions about the therapeutic potential of cannabis.

Inspiration Behind Charlotte’s Web CBD

The CBD strain used to treat Charlotte’s seizures was named “Charlotte’s Web” in her honor. This strain, characterized by its high CBD and low THC content, became a pioneering product in the field of medical cannabis, leading to the establishment of Charlotte’s Web CBD, one of the most recognized and trusted names in the CBD industry.

Catalyst For Legislative Change

The story of Charlotte Figi was instrumental in sparking legislative changes across the United States regarding the use of CBD for medicinal purposes. Her case was a driving force behind the passage of “Charlotte’s Web” laws in several states, which allowed for the use of CBD oil for the treatment of certain medical conditions. This also paved the way for broader medical cannabis legislation in many states, including Florida.

Advocacy And Education

Charlotte and her family became prominent figures in the advocacy for medical cannabis, contributing significantly to the education of the public and legislators about the benefits of CBD and medical cannabis for certain conditions. Their efforts have helped countless families gain access to alternative treatments.

Global Impact

The visibility of Charlotte’s case contributed to a growing international dialogue about medical cannabis, influencing policies and research beyond the United States. Her story has inspired many across the globe, leading to increased research into cannabis-derived treatments and changes in medical cannabis legislation in various countries.

Legacy Of Hope And Progress

The legacy of Charlotte Figi is one of hope and progress in the field of medical cannabis. Through her story, she has left a lasting impact on the medical community, families seeking treatment options, and the legal landscape surrounding cannabis use for medicinal purposes.

Charlotte Figi Charlottes Web CBD

While Charlotte Figi may not have received traditional accolades in the form of awards or titles, the widespread change she inspired in the medical cannabis movement, the laws passed in her name, and the lives she touched stand as a testament to her incredible impact. Her legacy continues to influence the ongoing discourse on medical cannabis, underscoring the importance of patient access to effective treatment options.

Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte Figi The Inspiration Behind Charlotte’s Web CBD

From “Hippies Disappointment” To Charlotte’s Web CBD

Inspired by the story of Charlotte Figi, Stanley Brothers Cannabis, innovators in the field of cannabis cultivation and product development, focused on creating a CBD-rich strain that minimized psychoactive effects while maximizing medicinal benefits. This strain, initially known as “Hippie’s Disappointment” due to its low THC content, was renamed “Charlotte’s Web” in honor of Charlotte Figi.

Charlotte’s Web CBD, under the stewardship of the Stanley Brothers Cannabis, has grown into one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the medical cannabis industry. Known for its quality, safety, and consistency, Charlotte’s Web CBD has set the standard for CBD products, offering relief and support to thousands seeking alternative treatments.

Stanley Brothers Cannabis | Expanding The Legacy

While Charlotte’s Web CBD focuses on CBD products, the Stanley Brothers Cannabis company also ventured into THC-rich cannabis offerings, establishing Stanley Brothers Cannabis. This brand continues the legacy of innovation and compassion, creating high-quality THC products available in select dispensaries, including Vidacann in Florida.

Stanley Brothers Cannabis and Charlotte’s Web CBD collectively represent a dual approach to cannabis, addressing a wide spectrum of medical needs and preferences. Their commitment to research, quality, and patient care underscores the therapeutic potential of both CBD and THC.

Charlotte Figi | A Legacy That Changed A Nation

Charlotte Figi’s story and the subsequent rise of Charlotte’s Web CBD and Stanley Brothers Cannabis have played a pivotal role in changing perceptions about cannabis in the United States. Her legacy is a testament to the courage of families advocating for access to alternative treatments and the innovative spirit of those within the cannabis industry striving to provide solutions.

As we observe Charlotte Figi Day, we are reminded of the journey from skepticism to acceptance, from legislative barriers to breakthroughs in medical cannabis research and treatment. It’s a day to honor Charlotte’s memory, celebrate the progress made, and renew our commitment to advancing understanding and access to medical cannabis.


The impact Charlotte Figi had on the world of medical cannabis is immeasurable. Her story has not only led to the birth of Charlotte’s Web CBD but also played a crucial role in changing public opinion and policy regarding cannabis and CBD. As we celebrate Charlotte Figi Day, we recognize the enduring legacy of a girl who inspired a movement, and Charlottes Web CBD and Stanley Brothers Cannabis continue to innovate and provide hope to many. Let’s honor her memory by continuing to support the advancement of medical cannabis, driven by compassion, science, and the quest for healing. In Florida and beyond, Charlotte Figi’s story continues to inspire, embodying a movement that seeks to offer relief, hope, and a better quality of life for individuals facing challenging medical conditions. Through education, advocacy, and quality care, we honor her legacy and continue the work that her story has so powerfully propelled forward.

Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte Figi The Inspiration Behind Charlotte’s Web CBD

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