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Fentanyl Weed

What a time to be alive when we consider the threat of having fentanyl in weed. Anyone not living under a rock for the last 10-20 years has heard of this devastating new drug. Its existence in the world is not to be taken lightly, given its potency and the illicit nature of its circulation in the black-market drug world. Given its dangerous capacity, which we will discuss shortly, why would anyone want to add it to their marijuana harvest or stash? Are there any signs or symptoms of weed laced with fentanyl? Can weed be laced with fentanyl, is this a real thing or media hysteria? There certainly arises a need for prevention and safety measures to be taken when you consider purchasing your medical marijuana, so let’s get into it.

What Is Fentanyl And What Is It Used For

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid, and it is known for its extreme potency. Medically, it is very useful, known for its quick onset, shorter duration of action, and can be easily administered via injection, patches, or lozenges. Fentanyl is typically used to treat severe pain, like immediately post-surgery or for some people with chronic pain that other painkillers do not suffice in mitigating and is considered 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine and therefore it is highly lethal. There are always news stories circulating about how accidental exposure to a simple tiny grain of fentanyl can cause a 220lb person to overdose and possibly die. While all opioids have a risk of overdose, the strength and how little is needed makes fentanyl a big reason for many accidental overdose deaths in our country’s opioid epidemic.

Fentanyl In Weed Is A Myth

Can Weed Be Laced With Fentanyl – Not Likely

Fentanyl Laced Weed

Given the small amount of fentanyl needed to be effective, making it very dangerous if used outside of a doctor’s supervision, the risk of being exposed to fentanyl in weed is alarming. There are quite a few unsubstantiated claims of reportedly there being reports of weed laced with fentanyl. Can weed be laced with fentanyl? Keep reading to learn more about this fentanyl weed story.

The short answer, and to rebuke most of those sensational stories, is no not really. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid your trustworthy licensed medical marijuana dispensary and go buy your weed in an alley from some unknown guy in a trench coat who keeps telling you to trust them. Anything is possible, and if you are going to choose to purchase your weed outside of your usual medical marijuana dispensary, the chances of your weed being fentanyl laced weed go up exponentially. If fentanyl weed is a real thing, what should you do about it?

Signs Of Weed Laced With Fentanyl

Weed laced with fentanyl is HIGHLY unlikely! Most of those sensational stories about fentanyl laced weed are just that, sensational, and have no basis in reality. According to studies, marijuana and fentanyl burn at different temperatures. So for the layman, when you put your bic lighter up to your bowl and burn a nice green hit of your Lemon Haze, you are burning off any chance of fentanyl being ingested, as fentanyl burns at a much lower temperature and therefore would just be eviscerated and have no effect.

This doesn’t mean weed can’t be laced with fentanyl, it simply means if it was fentanyl weed it wouldn’t have the effects of fentanyl on the person consuming the weed. If you’re thinking, well what about vape pens, they burn at a much lower temperature. You’d be right, but vapes burn at too low a temperature, and therefore it’s not going to burn your fentanyl either.

Maybe you think fentanyl laced weed is in your edible, like some evil guy baked it into a brownie and sold it to you at the Phish concert. The answer is that the liver breaks down edibles, and has little to no chance of that reaching your bloodstream. These types of things do not happen in real life, it’s like hearing the stories of razor blades in kids’ Halloween candy. Urban legends that stem from stories of half truths.

Is Fentanyl Weed Cheaper Or Something

Most business decisions are made in a cost-benefit analysis, and the weed game is no different. For that reason, fentanyl weed is even less likely. It is just too expensive to sprinkle nugs with fentanyl. Your local guy would have to up the prices 5-10x the usual price to make economic sense with fentanyl laced weed. Not only that, but your average cannabis consumer is not the same as an opioid addict, they have a very different consumer base. While opioid users may commonly use other drugs like marijuana, the most cannabis consumers widely only consume marijuana and don’t really venture into hard drugs. Additionally, and to that point, unknowingly ingesting fentanyl means a lot of accidental overdoses, which means a lot of unnecessary deaths. Strictly speaking, from a business standpoint, fewer deaths from overdose means your clientele list doesn’t shrink from unnecessary deaths.

But Law Enforcement Says Weed Laced With Fentanyl Is Real

Many overdose reports for fentanyl frequently show other drugs in someone’s system, but that doesn’t mean that fentanyl was necessarily IN those other drugs, just that they were both present in the system at the same time. That doesn’t stop police forces from spreading scary propaganda pieces about how there’s an epidemic of everything being laced with fentanyl. It is a real enough danger on its own, we don’t need to worry that fentanyl is going to be in my local eatery lemonade.

Most police-reported marijuana with fentanyl reports are actually retracted months after being reported, but the damage is done, the hype and panic have set in, and the police have justified their ever-more-draconian existence and reason for being even more ruthless with something as harmless as weed. It is an astro-turfed panic, used to affect the conversation around drug reform. Marco Rubio himself has used this argument against the legalization of marijuana. Don’t buy into the hysteria, people.

Weed Laced With Fentanyl Conclusion

Can weed be laced with fentanyl, very unlikely. Like chances of winning the lottery and being struck by lightning in the same week. Fentanyl in weed is a modern-day urban legend, a myth. I am not a scientist, nor a doctor, and this is not medical advice, but you should always buy your cannabis from a trusted medical marijuana dispensary to avoid even the slightest doubt about the source and quality of your medical marijuana. These licensed medical marijuana treatment centers must send their products for testing that is overseen by the state of Florida. Just in case you need to meet Connor on the Corner for your weed fix, there are a few signs and symptoms of someone that has ingested fentanyl, or maybe having an overdose of fentanyl, that anyone can keep an eye out. Fentanyl overdoses look like a person can’t stay awake, they have a slow or no pulse, and can have their eyes rolled back in their head with a limp body. If you see these signs in someone, please reach out to your local EMT at 911 for emergency assistance.

Fentanyl In Weed Is A Myth

Can Weed Be Laced With Fentanyl – Not Likely

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