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Florida Medical Marijuana Limits

When it comes to the Florida medical marijuana card limits, the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry, and Florida marijuana laws 2023 the circumstances can be confusing.  The medical marijuana program was developed to help patients with anxiety and debilitating medical conditions, NOT to add confusion and stress.  With these new adjustments to the medical marijuana program patients can be left feeling helpless and lost.  At Releaf Medical we would like to assure patients they can call us anytime to ask questions about how the new adjustments to the medical marijuana program will impact their purchasing ability or what can be done to provide them with the ability to purchase without restrictions so that they can get the relief they require.  Below is a summary article on the updates to the medical marijuana program as of August 29th, 2022, but patients can also reach us at 561-778-5323 for Boynton Beach or 561-954-5323 for West Palm Beach or by email at [email protected].

The Florida medical marijuana card limits were updated in accordance with Emergency Rule 64ER22-8 issued by the Florida Department of Health. The Florida Medical Marijuana Registry was updated on August 29, 2022, in compliance with section 381.986(4)(f), Florida Statutes (F.S.), which states that “The department [of Health] shall quantify by rule a daily dose amount with equivalent doses for each allowable form of marijuana dispensed at medical treatment centers.” In order to calculate an individual’s 70-day supply limit under law (with exceptions) these rules have been published as Emergency Rule 64ER22-8 Dosing and Supply Limits For Medical Marijuana. These new Florida marijuana laws 2023 can be confusing, so Releaf Medical will try to explain them in a clear and concise manner.

Florida Medical Marijuana Registry Update Summary

The state made two major changes to the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry on August 29th, 2022. Releaf Medical will summarize the changes to Florida Marijuana Laws 2023 in two bullet points below:

  1. The first change is in regards to the smokable flower route. Smokable flower is still in a classification of its own, smokable, and the standard recommendation is still 2.5oz in a 35-day period. This limit used to be a hard limit and there was no going above this 2.5oz allotment. As of August 29th the state is now allowing physicians to submit a “Request for Exception” on their patients behalf to increase the smokeable flower allotment in a 35-day period above the standard 2.5oz limit.
  2. The routes of Oral, Edible, Topical, Sublingual, Inhalation, and Suppository all used to be independent of one another and there was no limit on the number of milligrams a physician could recommend in a 70-day period. The state of Florida has now classified all the above-mentioned routes as one route, medical, and put a limit of 24,500 MG of THC in a 70-day period.

*Any recommendation amount over 2.5oz of smokable flower in 35-days or 24,500 MG of THC in a 70-day period MUST be approved by the state of Florida. Physicians will file a Request For Exception or RFE with the state of Florida and a state of Florida representative will manually approve the request.

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Limits Chart

The following chart reflects the new Florida Marijuana Laws 2023 affecting patients’ purchasing ability.

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Limits Update 2023

Route of Administration Daily Dose Amount 70-Day Supply Limit*
Edibles 60 MG THC 4,200 MG THC
Inhalation 350 MG THC 24,500 MG THC
Oral 200 MG THC 14,000 MG THC
Sublingual 190 MG THC 13,300 MG THC
Topical 150 MG THC 10,500 MG THC
Suppository 195 MG THC 13,650 MG THC
Smokable Flower 2.025 Grams N/A

*An aggregate (total) 70-day supply limit of marijuana, other than marijuana in the form of smoking, shall not exceed 24,500 MG of THC.

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Limits Information

Get Help With Your Florida Medical Marijuana Limits With Releaf Medical!

What Do The New Florida Marijuana Laws Mean

The new Florida medical marijuana card limits enacted by the State will now restrict a patient’s purchase ability reflected in the chart above. The routes of edible, inhalation, oral, sublingual, suppository, and topical now have been categorized as the route of Medical and have an overall aggregate purchase ability of 24,500 milligrams of THC over the course of the past 70 days. The Florida medical marijuana limits of THC milligram allowance is based on a rolling 70-day purchase history. The state also put in place a maximum milligram purchase ability in each of these routes. Prior to this Emergency Ruling there were no limits on these routes and there was no cap on the overall aggregate purchase ability by patients. The state did not change the 2.5 oz max purchase ability of smokable flower for a 35-day period. For most medical marijuana patients these new Florida medical marijuana limits won’t have any affect on their purchasing ability when purchasing products at state licensed dispensaries.

Options For Patients Affected By The New Florida Medical Marijuana Card Limits

Included in the new rules put in place by section 381.986(4)(f), Florida Statutes (F.S.), there is also an option for qualified physicians to submit a “request for exception” (RFE) to the daily dose amount limits for their qualified patients. Prior to contacting your physician about increasing purchase limits, patients can log in and view when they will have availability in their medical and smokable routes. How to check availability of medical and smokable routes. If the current limits set in place by the emergency ruling are not sufficient, Releaf Medical is offering Request For Exception for qualified patients.

What Determines If I Am A Qualified Patient For A Request For Exception (RFE)

Every medical marijuana licensing clinic will have different qualifications in order for patients to qualify for an RFE. Some basic qualifications that Releaf Medical looks for are:

  • Patient consistently hitting their limits in the medical or smokable flower routes
  • Does the patient benefit outweigh the potential risks associated with higher limits
  • The amount of time in the program (new patients need to have an established trackable purchase history before being eligible)
  • The patients qualifying conditions

What To Expect When Requesting An RFE With Releaf Medical

Releaf Medical will evaluate the patient’s time in the program, purchase history, and qualifying condition. If the patient does meet the guidelines set in place by our doctors some patients will be required to fill out some additional documentation (provided by our clinic) and a $50 fee will be required due to the amount of paperwork and documentation the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry requires. Releaf Medical will review with the patient their purchase history and request an amount above the current Florida medical marijuana limits that the patient feels will be sufficient in managing their symptoms.

The Florida Medical Marijuana Registry has 14 calendar days to approve or disapprove the “request for exception.” Recently Releaf Medical has noticed that the state is approving the exception in 2-3 business days. During this time patients will see the increase as pending on their profile.

Releaf Medical has never had a patient’s request denied due to our due diligence in reviewing their eligibility prior to submitting. When the state approves the “request for exception” for the increased Florida medical marijuana card limits the patient will receive an email from the state approving their new THC limits.

The increase in Florida medical marijuana limits will be good for the maximum time the state allows the doctor to provide recommendations which is 210 days (7 months). A new “request for exception” will have to be submitted to the Florida Medical Marijuana Registry every time a patient renews their recommendations with a licensed physician. This process and program can be confusing to patients, Releaf Medical is always here to help patients with questions. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.

Florida Medical Marijuana Card Limits Information

Get Help With Your Florida Medical Marijuana Limits With Releaf Medical!