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Same Day Medical Card Florida

How long for OMMU approval 2022 is a question we are excited to provide an answer for! Releaf Medical marijuana doctor has great news for permanent residents, the medical marijuana program now offers same day medical card approval for Florida permanent residents. As of February 1st, 2022 the Florida OMMU weekly update included a change in the approval process timeframe! The state of Florida has removed the 5-business day hold time on medical marijuana registration payments. This means that SAME DAY medical card Florida approval really does exist! The Florida OMMU (Office of Medical Marijuana Use) will still need to verify a patient’s Florida residency through the DMV with a valid, unrestricted Florida Driver License or Florida ID Card. After making payment to the state for a total fee of $77.75 patients will receive an instant email approval. This email is a temporary verification that along with a patient’s valid Florida ID can be used at the marijuana dispensaries until a patient’s physical card is received in the mail in 1-2 weeks. Before visiting a dispensary, medical marijuana treatment patients will want to verify the marijuana doctor that recommended medical marijuana use has entered in their recommendations into the Florida OMMU and MMUR. The state of Florida requires that the marijuana doctor recommendations are in the OMMU and MMUR, otherwise dispensary employees are not able to verify what THC amounts and routes have been recommended. Simply put, without these medical marijuana recommendations entered into the state database patients will not be able to purchase products at marijuana dispensaries.

After patients are evaluated by one of the marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical our staff will assist patients in creating their patient profile with the state, verifying their Florida residency in the OMMU and MMUR, and assisting with the required payment to the state. After receiving the approval email and making payment for the marijuana doctor evaluation, Releaf Medical makes sure each and every patients’ recommendations are entered in the OMMU and MMUR before they visit a medical marijuana dispensary. The staff at Releaf Medical would like our patients to be able to purchase the medication they need right after leaving our medical marijuana clinic, taking advantage of Florida’s same day medical marijuana card approval.

Prior to this Florida OMMU weekly update on February 1st, medical marijuana treatment patients may have been approved by their marijuana doctor on the same day as their visit but (here is the sneaky part) the state of Florida was taking around 5 – 7 business days to actually process and approve the payment for the state application fee. So the advertisement of “same day approval” didn’t really mean patients could make purchases at dispensaries on the same day the marijuana doctor evaluated them.

OMMU Approval 2022 Same Day Medical Card

Reasons That Patients Will Not Qualify For Same Day Medical Card Florida Approval

  • Patients that have protected identifications with the DMV and state of Florida. Patients that work for law enforcement, a government agency, have their address redacted in the DMV, or is a family member one of these work classifications the OMMU and MMUR may still have to wait the 5-10 business days to approve the patient’s medical marijuana application.
  • Seasonal residents of the state of Florida must still go through the 5-10 business day OMMU approval process before being able to purchase medical marijuana legally. At Releaf Medical we assist all patients in uploading all required Florida seasonal residency documentation to the OMMU at no extra cost. Even though patients may not qualify for same day medical card Florida approval to purchase at a dispensary they can still get recommended for the use of medical marijuana by the marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical. Our staff will verify the documentation that patients have will be approved by the OMMU prior to making payment to the state of Florida or for the marijuana doctor evaluation. If patients would like to view what criteria is necessary to qualify for medical marijuana use in Florida as a seasonal resident please view requirements. Releaf Medical would like our patients to have the best possible experience so we also help all patients upload the documentation at our marijuana clinic at the time of their appointment.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card Boynton Beach

medical marijuana card appointment

Schedule An Appointment

New patients, re-evaluations, and transfer patients are able to schedule an appointment with our medical marijuana clinic for a medical marijuana card evaluation online or via a phone call at 561-778-5323.

medical marijuana doctors appointment

Receive An Evaluation

The certified medical marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical will determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida. The process is risk free! If new patients do not qualify, then there is no fee.

marijuana doctors appointment

Same Day Approval

Releaf Medical marijuana clinic offers new patients same day approval. New patients will be able to register their medical marijuana card application with the state of Florida at the time of their initial appointment.

How Long For OMMU Approval 2022

Get A Same Day Medical Card Florida With Releaf Medical!