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Fluent Dispensary

Everything medical marijuana patients in the state of Florida need to know about the Fluent dispensary, the Fluent first time discount, how to find a Fluent near me, and all information about Fluent Cannabis is displayed below.

Fluent Cannabis Dispensary Contact Information

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Fluent Discounts

Fluent First Time Discount

First Purchase: 50% Off First Purchase Of $200.00 Or Less (Max Discount Is $100.00)
Second Purchase: Fluent Sampler Deals (Revealed To Patients During An In Store Visit)

Fluent Discounts Renewal

When patients renew their medical marijuana card with the state of Florida they receive 25% off their entire order. This renewal is yearly and the expiration date will be printed on your medical marijuana card and can be found in the email from the state as well. This Fluent discounts renewal must be used within 30 days of a patient renewing their medical marijuana card with the state of Florida.

Veterans & Spouses Discount

The Fluent dispensary is grateful for the service our brave veterans provide and they honor these veterans and their spouses with a 20% discount on all purchases. Patients must show a current veteran ID card, present a DD214 document, or present a valid Florida state drivers license with the “V” emblem. Veteran discounts are stackable with other discounts or promotions for a total of 30% off an entire discount.

Pediatric Discount

Fluent cannabis dispensary provides patients under the age of 18 with a pediatric discount of 40% off orders. This is the largest pediatric discount in the Florida cannabis industry! Pediatric patients are defined as patients under the age of 18 and their caregivers. The Fluent discounts for pediatric patients and their caregivers are only valid with proof and are not able to be combined with other offers or promotions.

Birthday Discount

Fluent cannabis dispensary wants all of its patients to feel special for their ENTIRE BIRTHDAY MONTH with a 10% off patient’s entire purchase for all Fluent products during the entire month of their birthday! This Fluent dispensary discount is not able to be stacked with any other discount or combined with any other Fluent promotion.

Student Saturdays

Every Saturday students over the age of 18 will receive 10% off all Fluent products. Student Saturdays apply to students that are actively enrolled at a college or university. Patients that are students must show a valid student ID or be able to access either a .EDU email issued by an accredited school or a valid credit card style student ID.

Cart Mondays

Every Monday at all Fluent dispensary locations patients will receive 20% off their purchases of cartridges. Daily promotions can be stacked with the Veterans & Spouses discount for up to a total of 30% off an order. Daily promotions are not stackable with any other promotion of Fluent discount, unless otherwise stated.

Express Tuesdays

The Fluent cannabis dispensary express Tuesday promotion is valid only for certain Fluent products. Please visit the online store menu for your local Fluent menu options. These Fluent products will update weekly and there might be a limited supply. Express Tuesday orders must be picked up by the patient or their caregiver on the same business day as when the order was placed.

Double Up Wednesdays

Patients will earn two times the amount of rewards points on all purchases of Fluent products placed on Wednesdays.  Patients must be a Fluent rewards member to earn these points.  To sign up for the Fluent rewards program please click here and fill out the form.

Higher Hour Discount

Stay up late and save with the Fluent dispensary. Patients will receive 10% off on all purchases made during the final hour of operation Sunday-Thursday. Express order pick-ups must be picked up within the above mentioned time frame for the Higher Hour discount to be effective.

Early Risers Discount

Get up early and save with the Fluent dispensary. Patients will receive 10% off on all purchases made during the first hour of operation Monday-Saturday and for the first two hours on Sundays. Express order pick-ups must be picked up within the above mentioned time frame for the Early Risers discount to be effective.

Silver Saturdays & Sundays

Every Sunday patients 55 years of age or older will receive 20% off all Fluent products. The Silver Sunday promotion is not stackable with any other Fluent cannabis products promotion or discount.

Bundle Discount

One Pack For $25.00
Three Packs For $70.00
Four Packs For $90.00
Five Packs For $100.00
Ten Pack For $200.00

Fluent Dispensary Information

Fluent Rewards Program

The more patients shop at the Fluent dispensary the more they are able to save with the Fluent rewards program.  For every $1.00 spent at any Fluent cannabis dispensary patients will receive 1 reward point added to their patient profile.  Patients must sign up for the Fluent rewards program by clicking here and filling out the information.  Point can be redeemed for the rewards displayed below:

250 Points: $20.00 Credit
500 Points: $45.00 Credit
1000 Points: $100.00 Credit

Fluent Cannabis Promotions Alert

The Fluent dispensary offers patients daily updates on new products, special limited time promotions, and much more with their alerts program.  Patients are able to sign up for the Fluent dispensary alerts program by clicking here and entering in their personal information and selecting the type of alerts they are interested in receiving.

Payments Accepted

Fluent accepts payments in the form of cash, debit card, or the CanPay App. Payments made with a debit card will have a service fee charge applied. Almost every Fluent near me location will have an ATM available for patients to use.

Fluent Dispensary Consultations

Fluent cannabis dispensary provides patients with the ability to have an in person consultation if they would like to speak with a Fluent certified product consultant. The in person consultation is FREE and patients can stop into any of the Fluent near me locations and request product information.

About Fluent Dispensary

The Fluent dispensary is an industry leading cannabis dispensary that is operational in multiple states.  Fluent is absolutely committed to providing their customers with the highest level of premium cannabis products with unparalleled patient service and compassionate care.  The Fluent near me locations combine their extensive expertise with the latest in advanced scientific research to ensure their patients always have the best cannabis products available to them.  Fluent believes strongly in the power of patient education in regards to the cannabis industry, which empowers the patients of Florida to make informed decisions both in and out of their medical marijuana dispensaries.  Whether a patient is new to the cannabis industry or an experienced consumer interested in learning more, the Fluent dispensary team is always happy to provide patients with the information and resources they request.  The Fluent first time discount, along with the many Fluent near me local locations make the Fluent dispensary a Florida patient favorite!

The medical marijuana industry experts at the Fluent dispensary work with the staff at Releaf Medical to provide the correct delivery routes, dosage, and products to ensure patients receive compassionate and effective care.   If you are considering medical marijuana treatment in Florida and would like to visit one of the many Fluent near me locations you will first need to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor.  Releaf Medical provides medical marijuana card evaluations for new patients, re-evaluations, and patient transfers.  Find the relief you are looking for by scheduling your marijuana doctor evaluation today! 


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