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Thank you for expressing interest in the Releaf Medical marijuana clinic! If you are looking for Florida marijuana doctors or wondering how to get a medical marijuana card and have questions in regards to the process you came to the right place. The Releaf Medical marijuana clinic provides services for new patients, re-certifications, and transfer patients. If you have any questions about the process of getting your medical marijuana card or would like to speak with Florida marijuana doctors please contact Releaf Medical today. Our contact information is displayed below or please fill out the form below and a member of the Releaf Medical marijuana clinic will contact you very shortly.

Releaf Medical Marijuana Clinic

Florida Marijuana Doctors Contact Information

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Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-7:00PM
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Releaf Medical marijuana clinic contact

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    How To Get A Florida Medical Marijuana Card

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    Schedule An Appointment

    New patients, re-evaluations, and transfer patients are able to schedule an appointment with our marijuana clinic for a medical marijuana card evaluation online or via a phone call at 561-778-5323.

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    Receive An Evaluation

    The certified Florida marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical will determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida. The process is risk free! If new patients do not qualify, then there is no fee.

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    Same Day Approval

    Releaf Medical marijuana clinic offers new patients same day approval. New patients will be able to register their medical marijuana card application with the state of Florida at the time of their initial appointment.

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    Releaf Medical Marijuana Clinic

    Florida Marijuana Doctors

    If you are tired of letting your chronic or debilitating condition control your life, then consider medical marijuana treatment as an alternative solution. If after trying this treatment you do not find it effective or dislike the medical marijuana treatment in any way, there is no reason to continue, but at least give it an attempt. A vast number of people have had their lives changed in a positive way by medical marijuana treatment and Releaf Medical marijuana clinic wants to change the lives of many more. With the assistance of Releaf Medical, patients will be able to reclaim their lives from a debilitating or chronic condition and spend time doing the things they love, with the people that matter most to them. No more grief, just relief!

    Our Clinic

    Releaf Medical is the premier marijuana clinic in the South Florida area. Providing the highest standard of medical marijuana treatment services at affordable rates. Releaf Medical is absolutely dedicated to improving the lives of our patients that are suffering from chronic and debilitating conditions, providing the relief they are searching for, through effective treatment in the form of medical marijuana. Modern medical treatment has advanced exponentially throughout the course of the last one-hundred years and today’s society has now come to a place where almost every individual can benefit from treatment offered by Florida marijuana doctors. Florida residents, permanent and seasonal, that are searching for the best marijuana clinic in their area can turn to Releaf Medical for the effective treatment and personalized healthcare they are in need of. Contact Releaf Medical marijuana clinic today and schedule an evaluation with the best Florida marijuana doctors available!

    Our Staff

    When searching for a marijuana clinic in Florida, it is critical to consider not only cost, but the experience of the staff and doctors. The Releaf Medical Florida marijuana doctors and staff are highly trained and extensively educated on providing comprehensive healthcare through medical marijuana treatment for our patients. If you are an individual that is seeking an alternative medical care in the form of medical marijuana treatment then the Releaf Medical clinic is able to provide the solutions and services you require. Our state certified medical marijuana physicians provide our patients with customized solutions to fit their unique requirements. The staff at Releaf Medical understand there isn’t a blanket solution for medical marijuana treatment and that our patients deserve more, they deserve a customized approach to their holistic healing journey. Our Florida marijuana doctors and knowledgeable staff members will work with patients to find a custom medical marijuana treatment program that best fits their specific lifestyle and conditions. Simply put, our staff goes the extra mile to ensure our patients get the most benefits from their medical marijuana treatment plan. The staff at Releaf Medical will provide recommendations on the best products for an individual’s condition and personal preferences and secure additional savings with lower product cost at the Florida dispensaries.

    Our Approach

    The approach of Releaf Medical marijuana clinic is to expand access to medical marijuana treatment in Florida for patients that are seeking a natural alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. As a medical clinic, our staff believes strongly in leveraging a more natural treatment method such as the use of medical marijuana. Releaf Medical feels that the benefits offered with medical marijuana treatment should not be overlooked, especially considering when so many people have tried more traditional treatment approaches with limited success and have been restricted in the past to minimal options and inadequate care. We believe in partnering with our patients to build long term relationships that last, we aim to simplify the Florida medical marijuana program for our patients while providing top notch education and continued support. Here at Releaf Medical we believe wholeheartedly that medical marijuana treatment can improve and enhance the lives for patients who are looking for symptom relief from their chronic or debilitating conditions. Our Florida marijuana doctors believe in the medicinal benefits that marijuana treatment can provide, and the patients of Releaf Medical can always expect to be listened to and guided to a better quality of life under the care of our staff. As the best medical marijuana clinic in Florida we provide the maximum dosage and include all methods of delivery, so our patients are free to discover an individualized protocol that provides the most significant relief with the fewest negative side effects. The staff at Releaf Medical is available six days a week to answer any questions or concerns patients may have.

    Risk Free Process

    If the marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical are not able to qualify a patient for the use of medical marijuana in the state of Florida, then they pay NOTHING! From the moment a person becomes a patient at Releaf Medical they are never left alone to navigate the current medical marijuana environment. Unlike some of our competitors that try and see as many patients as they possibly can, Releaf Medical will be with our patients every single step of the way to ensure no roadblocks prevent them from obtaining their medical marijuana card and the appropriate health care they deserve. All the patients at Releaf Medical will be provided with a highly trained and experienced medical marijuana treatment advocate that will streamline the process of getting a Florida medical card at no additional cost to the patient. From helping patients attain medical records, to assisting patients in sending in the state required paperwork and application, the staff at Releaf Medical will be with our patients until they are approved. We strive to make sure all our patients feel confident that they are not alone after visiting our clinic for medical marijuana services. Releaf Medical makes the process so simple and risk free that all potential patients have to do is show up for their evaluation and answer some simple questions. Stop waiting, book a risk free evaluation today with the best medical marijuana clinic in Florida!

    Compassionate Healthcare

    Releaf Medical strives to reduce our patients’ daily pain and suffering with compassionate and competent care. The right medical marijuana treatment plan can provide patients with freedom over their chronic and debilitating medical conditions so they can spend more time doing the activities they love with the people that matter most in their lives. The Releaf Medical marijuana clinics employ a team of industry experts and state certified medical marijuana doctors who treat every patient as an individual. The board certified physicians that provide medical marijuana evaluations treat the patients with compassion, respect, and focus on the patient’s unique situation and specific medical condition. Medical marijuana treatment plans will be modified and adapted until the proper solution is found for symptom relief and our patients experience a vastly improved quality of life. Successful medical marijuana treatment is achieved through patient education, extensive research, and the experience in the correct use of medical marijuana. The staff at Releaf Medical marijuana clinic is committed to excellence, compassion, and competence and is the most trusted source for medical marijuana evaluations in your area. If you or a loved one is suffering from a chronic or debilitating condition for which the use of medical marijuana would be beneficial please contact Releaf Medical to receive more information on the services we provide or book an appointment with the best Florida marijuana doctors!

    Qualifying Conditions

    Medical marijuana treatment has been approved in the state of Florida since June of 2017, providing effective treatment for patients’ chronic and debilitating conditions. Florida marijuana doctors are able to provide treatment for a wide range of conditions, such as pain, post traumatic stress disorder, migraines, anxiety, severe nausea, seizures, depression, insomnia, and thousands of more conditions. To see the full list of qualifying conditions for a medical card in Florida please visit our “Qualifying Conditions” page. With Releaf Medical marijuana clinic patients now have access to medical marijuana treatment that can ease their pain and suffering while increasing their quality of life. The Florida marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical provide guidance in how marijuana treatment can transform a patient’s life in the context of their specific qualifying condition. For more information on Florida medical marijuana cards please contact Releaf Medical by filling out the form displayed at the top of this page, scheduling an evaluation, calling our clinic, or come by any of our physical locations and speak to a member of our friendly staff in person.

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