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Does Marijuana Expire

You are not alone, many inquiring minds want to know, does weed expire? The short answer is yes, just like every natural thing born of this earth the dried, harvested, and untampered cannabis plant has a lifespan. Does marijuana expire in a matter of days, getting mushy like a ripe mango, or does weed expire gradually and develop mold like an old loaf of bread? Thankfully, depending on how you choose to store your weed to keep it fresh, your weed should stay good for at least a couple of months, possibly much longer. Once it does turn, you should be able to see a few easy-to-notice signs that it’s time to toss your nugs in the trash, and you should probably go sit and think about how you are going to prevent that from happening again.

How do you know when your weed expires? What does mold on weed look like? Are there medical cannabis products that expire sooner than others? How do I prevent or slow down my weed from getting moldy? What should I do with weed with mold on it? Don’t worry Releaf Medical has the answers to all these questions!

Mold On Weed

Weed with mold on it, is there anything worse? The most concerning aspect of weed that has aged too much is the development of mold. Smoking weed with mold is an unpleasant experience, to put it lightly. Common side effects include severe throat irritation, nausea, and vomiting. I know a jar of premium hand trimmed 710 flower isn’t cheap, and in addition to the cost the thought of wasting your medical marijuana flower and throwing it away seems sacrilegious, but you’re better off immediately and safely throwing away your weed with mold. Trust us, we have been in this position, smoking mold on weed IS NOT AN EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO TRY! The staff at Releaf Medical makes these mistakes so our medical marijuana treatment patients don’t have to.

What Does Mold Look Like On Weed

So, what does mold look like on weed? Excellent question let’s get into it! Knowing what mold on weed looks like will reduce your risk in ingesting something that might be a little more than uncomfortable. There are a few tell-tale signs that you’ve been hoarding your weed for too long, because I refuse to believe you or any sane person just left it outside of any container and exposed in the sun. Before you even get eyes on your flower, you may just open your container, and you might not be flavor-blasted by the aroma that usually fills the room as soon as you open the container. Instead, your medical cannabis might smell musty, or like hay or grass, and that’s not a good sign. If your flower seems to have lost its pungent odor, that may be telling. It’s time to take a look at your cannabis.

The appearance of your weed is going to be the most telling sign that your weed is expired. Look for any discoloration of your nugs, first. I know, weed these days can come with what looks like rainbow sprinkles, white crystals, and orange/red/purple hairs all across the bud, so what does discoloration mean? Expired weed and mold on weed are going to look like a brown or grayish stain on your bud. It will most likely be accompanied by white powdery spots or fuzzy white patches. Even if your purchase was White Widow you will be able to see the difference between your normal crystals and this white fuzzy mold.

These fuzzy spots will usually give your cannabis a distinct texture as well. If you are unsure if your weed is expired and moldy or if it was maybe pinched or smashed a bit and looks a bit funky, just give it the old how you are doing, and reach out and touch that nugget. If your cannabis is moldy it will usually be a bit damp and sticky, and that is a sure sign your weed has mold. Say your goodbyes, it’s time to re-up at your local medical marijuana dispensary. Maybe this time you choose to buy some tinctures, topicals, and vape cartridges along with an 8th of your favorite flower. Are other cannabis products at risk of expiring?

What Does Mold Look Like On Weed

Does Weed Expire | Mold On Weed

What Does Mold Look Like On Weed

Does Marijuana Expire | Do Marijuana Vapes Expire

Just because your medical cannabis may have been transformed into a vape cartridge or a topical cream, it does not prevent your marijuana from expiring. Let’s look at some of the more popular cannabis products and what to look for in their expiration. This will help patients learn the answer to the question of does marijuana expire.

Medical Marijuana Vape Cartridges

To be safe, marijuana vapes should be used within a year of production/purchase. Some, if not a majority, of packaging will give you a before date these days. It is important to not leave your cartridge on your dashboard to bake in the sun, or that date will be of no importance, and you can kiss your vape goodbye in a matter of days, so be careful where you choose to leave your vape pen. Expired vapes will have a change in color, odor, flavor, and potency. Remember do not leave your medical marijuana vapes in the sun or baking in your car during a Florida summer. This is bad, we don’t want this.

Marijuana Concentrates

Your wax, shatter, and oils will degrade faster than cannabis flower regardless of storage, though you can expect them to stay good for 4-6 months or longer if you store them in a cool dark place and in an airtight container. Certain concentrates will hold their flavor and terpenes longer if stored in the refrigerator. When expired, concentrates will change in color and consistency, they may become darker or more viscous as they age and become bad. Expired concentrates can even begin to give off a putrid or rancid smell once they have expired as well. Ever taken a vomit flavored dab, no, good, let’s keep it that way, make sure to store these concentrates correctly.

Marijuana Edibles

As this is food, your typical marijuana edible will expire rather quickly, because food spoils. Typically, it is best to consume the marijuana edibles quickly and before the expiration date that should be on any reliable edible packaging, though gummies and chocolate may have a couple months, provided proper storage. Yes, there’s a common theme about preventing your weed from spoiling.

THC Tinctures And Topicals

Both of these medical marijuana products will typically have a lengthened shelf life, due to their non-cannabis ingredients. Things like oils and lotions could be oil or alcohol based and will allow most to live on your shelf for 1-3 years, assuming they are not exposed to the sun all hours of the day, or left open to the elements. You can tell when your tincture has gone bad by a change in color like darkening or getting cloudy, and will taste and smell differently. Topicals will show they’ve expired by the ingredients separating, becoming unusually hard or especially liquid. They will also begin to give off an unwelcoming odor once topicals have expired.

How Do I Prevent My Marijuana From Expiring And My Weed From Getting Moldy

Does weed expire, YES! As we have peppered in this whole post, please do not leave your cannabis or cannabis products out in the elements or in the sun and heat. Avoid all of those by using air-tight containers and storing your flowers in a dark dry cool place. Some tinctures, edibles, and topicals may even benefit from refrigeration. Keep your vape cartridge in a place that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and it should be good for as long as you need it. A lot of cannabis products will have expiration or best-before dates, but if you have any doubts about when your weed will get mold, your local budtender is usually well informed and can explain the shelf life of your cannabis. Remember, weed with mold is a very bad experience, just throw it away, this is the best salutation to the problem! Equally important to note, in the world of legal medical marijuana, you may want to reassess your desire to have so much product that it expires. Mold on weed doesn’t have to be an issue if you buy yourself a month’s worth of product at a time, provided you take proper care of it. So, does marijuana expire, YES! The staff at Releaf Medical hopes our patients learned some valuable information in this latest article. Until next time our friends, stay medicated!

Does Weed Expire | Mold On Weed

What Does Mold Look Like On Weed

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