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Weed Thanksgiving Suggestions

Happy Danksgiving everyone, it’s that time of the year, where we get together with family to spend quality time together and hopefully get to enjoy some great Thanksgiving weed with loved ones. People drive for hours or fly across the country to stuff their faces and make awkward jokes, then sit on the couch and watch NFL games or a movie, and then stuff their faces some more. As simple and fun as that sounds, it can easily be a stressful time, especially if you are hosting the festivities, or if there’s a particular uncle you disagree with and expect to hash it out over mashed potatoes. Luckily, there’s a little green plant called marijuana that can help relieve stress, induce appetite, and help chill that weird uncle out. You don’t have to go all out and make the holiday a stoner Thanksgiving but just have a little weed Thanksgiving to take the edge off. Releaf Medical has you covered with some of our medical marijuana strains that are perfect for the occasion. The strains we have recommended are all available at Florida dispensaries and most are sold in flower and inhalation routes of administration. Inhalation or vape carts are perfect if you need to get a discreet Thanksgiving weed session in. No one needs Grandma yelling something about the devil’s lettuce or young kids screaming about a skunk in the backyard.

Sometimes family can arrive a day or two before Thanksgiving, drawing out the event for you and yours. If you’re the one visiting you don’t want to be a burden, so you do some dishes, walk the dog for your hosts, take out the trash, and other nice gestures to lighten that burden. When you’re doing chores there’s nothing better than a nice sativa to get you energized and focused. Something like Durban Poison that has a nice head high, gets the creative juices flowing, and the next thing you know you’ve organized the glasses in the cabinet by color and size, and straightened every photo on the wall, all while laughing and easily talking with those family members you only get to see on the holidays. Being helpful around the house makes for a peaceful Danksgiving at a family member’s home.

Then it’s time for more Thanksgiving weed one more toke, this time of a nice Hybrid Marijuana like Pineapple Express, and you get a great head high and very energized, so you’re ready to take out the trash and maybe rake the leaves in the yard. You put on an audiobook or maybe the latest episode of Comedy Bang Bang in your headphones, and the time slips away as you enjoy doing some chores. This gets you some alone time while also helping out around the house which goes a long way for the general mood in the house. Not to mention that when you enjoy a little bit of Thanksgiving weed, you are generally easy going, if maybe a little giggly. Practice some self control so this doesn’t turn into a full blown stoner Thanksgiving but don’t hold back on taking the edge off, Danksgiving is a marathon, not a race.

Happy Danksgiving From Releaf Medical

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Thanksgiving Weed Suggestions

Those are great reasons to enjoy some Thanksgiving weed even before the big turkey day. Thanksgiving itself is a whole different event in itself, so you will want to come prepared for the day. Let’s walk through a typical weed Thanksgiving (for me) and hopefully yours is similar and you can take some of these cues to enjoy yourself like I know I will.

It’s Thanksgiving, and you are hosting this year. Your sister and her husband and two kids have been staying since Monday, and your parents and other two siblings along with their accompanying partners and rugrats, making for quite the eclectic group to get together. You have an especially busy day, being responsible for the turkey, stuffing, and gravy, along with entertaining your family and keeping everyone happy, with full drinks, and comfortable all day. Remember you aren’t 22 anymore, this isn’t a stoner Thanksgiving you have responsibilities this year. Your spouse is your partner in all of this, splitting up responsibilities, but always there to share a Thanksgiving weed toke!

After a morning bong rip of some heady sativa, like Strawberry Cough, you get in game mode and get ready to tackle the day. That strong fruity haze and extra pungent terpenes have you feeling on top of your day. You feed the dogs then walk them while you zone out to a true crime podcast and the next thing you know you’re back home. Your brother has arrived, alongside his three kiddos and wife, just in from a 3 hour drive. He’s your older brother, and his kids are teenagers, and you would usually have a tough time relating to his goth daughter, but your Blue Dream has you confident and carefree, and you are able to connect easily as you shoot the shit about the newest Billie Eilish tour and make fun of your brother for wearing socks with sandals.

Your time in the kitchen begins. It might be helpful to take a quick trip out to the balcony and rip a little Girl Scout Cookies, it’s a high THC content Hybrid marijuana that will definitely get you ready to cook and entertain simultaneously. You head back to the kitchen and get the turkey out, and hand your spouse a mimosa, after a quick cheers and a drink you’re elbow deep in giblets.

Thanks to the Girl Scout Cookies you are happily welcoming all of the family as they stagger in to say hi, grab a beer, and congregate in various rooms.

After your bird has been in the oven for a couple hours, and your extra pan of stuffing is prepped, it’s time to take your brother, your partner, and any other adults for a backyard “safety meeting”. You’ve rolled up a gram of your favorite Hybrid marijuana by the name of OG Kush, this one known for inducing your appetite. It elevates your mood to put a smile on your face, but you are still focused on your cooking your family feast so you head inside while everyone finishes is the mummy finger of a joint you rolled. They are now HUNGRY.

You’ve been only smoking a bit at a time, this isn’t a stoner Thanksgiving so you’ve stayed focused, and your food came out to perfection. Everyone at the table is giving you and your partner compliments on the juiciness of the turkey, the tanginess of the fresh cranberry sauce, the herbal stuffing, and the extra boat of gravy was a nice touch. The conversation at the table has a few tense moments, but most of your fellow adults are also partaking, so there is mostly laughs and eating, and every now and again your sister and brother make a joke at your expense, but you can’t be bothered, and when your niece comes to your defense you really appreciate connecting with her earlier.

You’ve fed the family successfully! Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cherry pie, and some Granddaddy Purp, some of the best indica you can find, to help you sink into the couch and watch the Cowboys lose to whoever they play for the NFL match of the day. For an “adult desert” check out the chocolate chip cookie edibles at The Sanctuary Dispensary or the chocolate squares at VidaCann. Maybe you doze off for a few, that’s ok, you’ve earned it. The dishes are being done by your brother (also very happy because you shared your OG Kush from earlier) and the kids are all watching a movie in the other room, so you have a couple hours to appreciate the spectacle you just put on with the help of weed Thanksgiving. Your partner cozies up next to you and whispers, “next year let’s go on a cruise for Thanksgiving.” Best Danksgiving EVER!

Happy Danksgiving From Releaf Medical

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