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Measurements Of Weed

Weed measurements are important to know. The measurements of weed are vital to understand so you know what to expect in quantity and what kind of value you are getting. If you don’t know what someone means when they offer you an “eighth” of marijuana, you might not be sure if their price of $200 is a good bargain or they’re ripping you off. How many grams is a half pound or how many grams is in a quarter, do you know? Understanding the various measurements used in the cannabis industry, as well as knowing what they are colloquially called is essential for both professionals, daily, and recreational and occasional smokers.

The state of Florida dispenses flower measurements in ounces, which can be confusing since marijuana is typically sold in quantities by grams. Releaf Medical has provided its patients with the ultimate tool, the ounces to grams calculator.

Ounces To Grams Calculator

Weed Measurements

Learn About The Measurements Of Weed

Basic Units For Measurements Of Weed

Once you’ve made your appointment at Releaf Medical and you’ve been same-day-approved for a medical marijuana card, you’re likely going to want to purchase some medical marijuana. Perhaps you grew up in a somewhat conservative household where there was no open conversation about marijuana, let alone about the amounts and costs of cannabis and what it looks like. What is a gram of marijuana? How many grams is in a quarter? How many grams are in a half ounce? These are things that you may have been curious about, but asking your friends about it would have been an admission of your naivety, and you chose you would rather preserve a reputation as not a total nerd than to ask and expose yourself as one. So where do these weed measurements come from and how do you talk about it without confusing yourself and others?

How Do You Measure Weed

The smallest measurement for cannabis you will hear about is a gram. It will come in handy later when other terms get thrown around that you will usually be referring to the number of grams in an ounce. Otherwise known as a G, or if you are an old head, you may have heard of it called a dub sack, or a 20-sack. Those latter terms are hardly used anymore, but they used to refer to the black-market days, and if your “guy” was kind enough to deal in smaller quantities, a gram of that good stuff would go for twenty bucks, hence “dub” and “20”. Some old curmudgeons might argue that it used to be called a dime bag, a way to call a bag worth 10 dollars, but those are people who either used to get those bags of weed with a lot of seeds and stems or they used to buy from their best friend who was kind enough to break their stash down small enough to only charge ten bucks.

Those terms may have gone the way of the dodo in today’s much more affordable legal medical cannabis world, but now you can listen to old Wu-Tang albums with more understanding. Anyway, a gram is about a day’s worth of weed for a regular casual smoker, it equals about two joints, or 4-5 full bowls in your glass pipe. It can actually vary in size due to the density of the cannabis you buy, anything from the size of a grape if it’s one hard dense nugget, or if it was all broken down called “shake” and laid out it would be about the size of your pinky finger.

What’s A Normal Amount Of Weed To Buy

The next unit of measurement is commonly known as an eighth (1/8). Without context, this really doesn’t do anything to elucidate how much weed we are talking about, and that’s why slang is important to understand, and the rest of the units of measurement will make a lot more sense once this term is understood. An eighth is 3.5 grams. Why do we call that an eighth? Well, 3.5 grams is 1/8 of an ounce (28g), and through the times it was usually the smallest amount of weed your friendly hippie-lettuce provider felt like doling out. It is probably the most commonly bought amount of weed and can last a casual smoker about a joint a day for a week.

You might think you would like to just buy a gram at a time, but this is also when you learn about buying things “at scale.” In the case of cannabis, it is quite literally about the scale. In today’s legalized medical marijuana dispensaries, a gram can run you about 10-15 dollars, but an eighth can be as little as $25. As you purchase more marijuana, you tend to get more value, i.e. more nugs in your jar. At the same time, dealers back in the day were incentivized to sell off larger quantities at a discount because if you were caught by the police in possession of marijuana, sentencing was a lot more lenient if you had less cannabis. More weight meant a heavier penalty. Anyway, let’s look at some larger quantities.

Next in the basic units of weed measurement is the quarter (1/4). That’s right, it stands for one quarter of an ounce, which is 7 grams. This is a very common quantity purchased for it being a good enough amount to last you a week or two (or more) depending on how much you partake. Funnily enough there’s not much slang that a quarter is known by other than quarter or quad, but you might get a weird look if you say you would like to buy 7 grams of marijuana instead of saying you’d like a quarter.

As the amount from 1/8 to ¼ is double, you can imagine the next measurement is the ½ ounce. A half ounce is 14 grams, and if you average about a gram a day this is a two-week’s supply. This is a good amount of weed to indulge in blunts, or other sessions where you can really use a lot of weed in one sitting. If you happen to be a big fan of a certain strain, or you don’t like going to the dispensary every few days or every week, this is an amount that can last you for a little while.

Up next is the ounce. An ounce is 28.35 grams, but for the sake of round numbers and everyone’s sanity, considering how tedious it would be to calculate the previous weights, it is generally known to be 28 grams. This will fill up a zip lock sandwich bag. It is commonly called an O, a Z, an O-Zee, a zip (like the bag), or Ozzy. This amount of weed is a good supply if you plan to stash a bunch, or your dispensary says they won’t have the strain until next harvest, or if you plan to give some out at your next party and don’t want to diminish your personal stash. I imagine Snoop Dogg doesn’t deal with anything less than an ounce, for convenience sake, but if you are a regular smoker this could last you 3-4 weeks.

Then you have a ¼ lb. This is 4 ounces, totaling about 113.4 grams, but at this point you’re just measuring by the ounce on the scale. It is also known as a QP, a burger, or a Quap. I don’t really have any common reason why someone would buy a QP of weed, other than because they just really like weed and have enough money to buy it. Florida law stipulates you will need special permission, known as an RFE, to purchase any amount more than 2.5 ounces, so your dream of making it rain NY Diesel nuggets is a little hindered by the law as a new patient.

Weed Measurements Measurements of Weed

Measurements Of Weed Summary

We have the answers to how many grams is in a quarter and how many grams is a half ounce we are well on our way to being seasoned medical cannabis users. Now you have a good idea what your basic weed measurements are, and you can get out there and purchase a G, an quarter, or a Zee with confidence and you’ll know what that amount looks like and how long it’ll last. If you are ever confused by the weed measurements used by the Florida dispensaries don’t forget to use Releaf Medical’s ounces to grams calculator. Get out there and let it rip!

Weed Measurements

Learn About The Measurements Of Weed

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