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Rolling Paper Alternatives

You don’t need to be MacGyver to learn how to make and use rolling paper alternatives. There may involve a little bit of outside-the-box thinking, but almost any home is bound to have a substitute for rolling paper. If your preferred method for ingesting cannabis is via joints, you have probably at least once in your life been unaware that the last Zig Zag you rolled up with was the last one in the pack. When we are caught off guard without rolling paper, it is immensely useful to know there are a few rolling paper alternative at home solutions. Here are a few common ways to substitute for rolling paper, as well as a few more, that while they don’t mirror smoking a joint, they are handy ways to smoke that you’re sure to have lying around the home. Stuck in a situation, keep reading for Releaf Medical’s alternatives to rolling paper solutions.

Substitute For Rolling Paper

Rolling Paper Alternative Solutions

When the rolling papers are exhausted or nowhere to be found, the most common-sense solution is to look throughout the home, office, anywhere, for a rolling paper alternative. Thankfully there is no shortage of at home alternatives to rolling papers. The easiest solution is to look for a cigarette. Just remove the tobacco from the cigarette and add the ground-up flower. Smoking is gross, who has cigarettes on them? Keep reading for more rolling paper alternative at home solutions.

Some people, like the one writing this blog, find that bibles have very nice thin, easily burning paper, and serve well when you are in a pinch. Even if you are sensitive to the book or you’re partial to the stories therein, you can pick one of the front pages with no writing, and just rip off a piece of the page about 50% bigger than your usual rolling paper size. This is really just for convenience, as believe it or not bibles are not printed with the intention of being burnt. Make sure that the pages are clean and uncoated with any protective layer, and maybe don’t use the edge of the page, especially if it has that gold finish to it.

While a bible is an unsuspected go-to for alternatives to rolling paper, it burns well and if you roll it, lick it, and stick it well enough it should burn like a regular-ish joint. Other papers, like pages from a novel, or a newspaper, are less effective, in that they just don’t burn as properly as a joint paper or a bible page. Things like receipts, post it notes (minus the glue part), or paper grocery bags should really be used as a last resort as rolling paper alternatives because they just don’t burn well, could have fresh ink, or could be too heavy and hurt your seriously precious lungs.

There are other home-made rolling paper alternatives to regular rolling papers that will really take some experience and some luck to utilize. Some people have reported using corn husks. This is like going back centuries to be one with nature and using all the parts of your plants, etc. Unfortunately, today you need to make sure to wash the husk well, even if it is pesticide free it might still have some chemicals on it. Same with using a banana leaf. It’s probably best left to the above.  If you need a lesson on how to roll a joint read our How To Roll A Joint article.

Rolling Paper Alternatives

Rolling Paper Alternative At Home Solutions

Pipe & Bong Substitutes

If you are primarily a joint smoker, but you forgot to head to the gas station to pick up a pack of OCB rolling papers, maybe you’d enjoy a real change of pace. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone. You already used up all the blank bible pages, and you don’t feel like ripping a page out of Infinite Jest, even if it has 1,200 pages and you know you’ll never read it. Fret not, for your house is full of myriad potential smoking devices. However, some oldies that have been used by stoners in a pinch for decades should maybe be avoided, so we will go over some safe ideas and remind what not to use in a pinch as an alternatives to rolling paper found at home.  If you are a beginner and need a lesson on how to smoke weed, Releaf Medical has got you covered.


Did you know that most sinks, both bathroom and kitchen, have a screen that easily pops out? They are usually about the size of a quarter or half dollar and make an amazing bowl for your pipe. You just need a knife or screwdriver and that baby pops right out. It’s true, if you check my childhood home there are no screens in any of the faucets! The screen is an amazingly helpful tool for any of the home-made rolling paper alternatives we are mentioning, but it’s not necessary. You could do most of these without one, but without it you’ll end up wasting a bit of that precious, and somewhat expensive, flower.

The most popular rolling paper alternative at home solution is the trusty apple. It’s hard enough to keep its form, and when you burrow a hole with a pen and a knife it doesn’t collapse on itself. So that’s just what you’ll do. You’ll need that screen, a pen, and a knife if you’d like. First, just take the stem out and use the knife to make a bowl shape at the top of the apple. Then use the pen to push down the bottom of the stem area about halfway down. The screen can sit right on top of that, feel free to shape it to fit the form of the bowl you carved out. Then take your pen and from the side of the apple, at a 90-degree angle from the stem, poke a hole through the apple to meet the hole in the center that you poked out from the top of the apple. If you want, you can poke another hole, from another side, to act as a carb hole, if you’re feeling fancy.

How To Make an Apple Pipe Rolling Paper Alternative at Home

That’s the apple approach to the homemade alternative to rolling paper. Other fruits and vegetables commonly used are melons, potatoes, and carrots, and it’s best to stay away from softer fruits like tomatoes or mangoes. It should go without saying, but stay away from raw meats, and it’s better not to use cheese or anything that would possibly melt from the flame.

What Pipes NOT To Make

Some of us are old enough, or were rebellious enough as teenagers, to remember when having a pipe to ourselves was just a luxury we couldn’t afford, so we made do with what we thought was best, and what was also easy to dispose of. The two most common methods are the can of soda and the tin foil pipe.

For the can of soda, you simply empty it, flip it on its side, and make a dent to the shape of a bowl. Poke a couple holes in the dented area and use the mouth of the can as your mouth of the pipe.

Soda Can Pipe Rolling Paper Alternative

The foil pipe is equally easy to make. Just rip a piece of foil, wrap 90% around a pen, and fold up the remaining 10% at a right angle for your bowl. Don’t fold it so much that no air can get through, though, or it won’t work.

Tin Foil Pipe Alternatives To Rolling Paper

For obvious health hazards, WE DO NOT CONDONE EITHER OF THESE METHODS. But nostalgia is strong, and you can actually buy ceramic or glass pipes that resemble these old relics.

Soda Can Pipe Rolling Paper Alternatives

Other Alternatives To Rolling Paper “Hits”

There are a few other unconventional methods when you need a substitute for rolling paper. A personal favorite of mine is the gravity bong. All you need is a bucket, an empty plastic bottle that can range from 20 oz to a gallon, some scissors or a knife, and that trusty screen. Fill the bucket with water and cut the bottom off your plastic bottle. Then cut the middle out of the lid of the bottle and insert the screen.

With your materials ready, insert the bottle into the bucket, with the lid off so the bottle sinks into the water, and only about 90% of the way down. Lightly screw the lid on and load the bowl. Light the bowl with a flame, and slowly raise the bottle from the water. As it rises, it draws oxygen from above the bottle, burning the cannabis and causing the smoke to accumulate in the bottle. Don’t pull the bottle up too high, hold it level, unscrew the cap, and put your mouth on the bottle. Then slowly push the bottle back down into the water. This is where gravity kicks in, and it pushes the smoke into your lungs as it has nowhere to go as the bottle fills with water. This is a very very potent rolling paper alternatives solution for ingesting cannabis, be careful! If you do use this method and it proves to be a bit too much read our blog post on how to sober up from weed.

How To Use A Grav Bong Rolling Paper Alternatives

A second unconventional, rolling paper alternative at home solution is the knife hit. You need a two-liter bottle, two knives, and a red-hot stove top. Cut the top of the two-liter bottle so you have a funnel. Place the knives on the hot stove until they are essentially red hot as well. Take a little nugget of cannabis and remove the knives from the heat and carefully put the nugget on the knife. With the funnel in your mouth, smush the weed between the hot knives and hold it below your funnel. The weed will slowly burn, and you get a very clean hit of weed, also very strong!

Knife Hits Weed Alternatives To Rolling Paper

Rolling Paper Alternative Summary

Ok, that is a lot of rolling paper alternatives from items you can find at home. Next time you can’t find your Zig Zags, don’t worry, and use your household substitutes for paper. If you know of any substitute for rolling paper solutions we did not mention, hit us up and let us know what your go-to is. Until next time, stay medicated my friends!

Rolling Paper Alternatives

Rolling Paper Alternative At Home Solutions

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