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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Overview

Releaf Medical would like to provide our patients with a medical marijuana dispensary overview, containing information about Florida dispensary deals, Florida dispensary discounts, and a general overview of information about Florida medical marijuana dispensaries.  Many of our patients are new to the medical marijuana industry and have never been into a Florida medical marijuana dispensary.  Releaf Medical would like to offer all of our patients some insight into how these medical marijuana dispensaries operate and what they can expect.  Every medical marijuana dispensary operating in the state of Florida is displayed below.  Patients can click on the dispensary they choose to receive more information about and they will be directed to a dedicated webpage with a detailed overview on that specific Florida dispensary.

Florida Dispensary List

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      Florida Dispensary Discounts

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      Florida Dispensary Deals

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      Florida Dispensary Information

      What Patients Can Expect

      After a patient has received their medical marijuana card and recommendations, what now?  Medical marijuana patients in Florida can place orders for marijuana products online or by going into any of their local dispensary locations.  Orders placed online can be scheduled for delivery or pickup.  Most dispensaries in the state of Florida do provide a delivery option, but patients will need to check with their local dispensary to confirm this option.

      When visiting a medical marijuana dispensary for the first time patients can expect to enter a warm and welcoming environment.  The staff at all Florida dispensaries are very knowledgeable and friendly, patients should not be afraid to ask as many questions as they would like.  Patients have the ability to schedule in person consultations and virtual consultations with product experts at each dispensary.  These experts are called bud tenders and they have been trained on all products offered by their specific dispensary.  These consultations are free of charge and provide patients with personalized and detailed product recommendations contingent on their personal lifestyle and medical history.

      What Products Should I Purchase

      A common question that we are asked at Releaf Medical is, “what products should I buy when I go to a medical marijuana dispensary?”  The answer we provide is everyone is different, so a patient will need to determine what delivery route and dosage works best for their specific situation.  Dispensaries have different discounts available to first time patients so our recommendation has been to try out the dispensaries that offer the best first time discounts to patients. This will allow patients to try out different products from dispensaries which gives them a way to compare the products at the same time they are receiving a discount.  Since medical marijuana is new to most of our patients and the product offerings at each dispensary vary we highly recommend talking to a budtender before purchasing.  Keeping a journal of which products a patient has tried, the dosage amount, time taken, and the effects of the product is very beneficial to all patients when experimenting with unfamiliar products.  Over time this will allow patients to discover which dispensary, delivery route, and strain works best for them.

      Cost Of Marijuana Products

      The cost of marijuana products at any medical marijuana dispensary will vary greatly depending on the specific product, concentration, and quantity.  Patients can view the products and pricing for each medical marijuana dispensary by going to the specific dispensaries website.  Questions about the product pricing can be answered by contacting the specific dispensary that offers the product.

      The cost of medical marijuana products is a concern to many of the patients at Releaf Medical.  Florida dispensary discounts and Florida dispensary deals drastically decrease the cost of medical marijuana treatment if patients would like to take advantage of these offers.  Releaf Medical has done the work for our patients in regards to these Florida dispensary discounts and Florida dispensary deals.  The special offers can be viewed for each individual dispensary by selecting the specific dispensary a patient would like to receive more information on from the list displayed at the top of this page.  Releaf Medical strongly urges all of our patients to take advantage of these new patient deals and to sign up for each dispensary’s rewards and mailing list to fully utilize these promotions.  A list of the typical discounts and deals that a marijuana dispensary in Florida will offer are displayed below. 

      Dispensary Locations & Contact Options

      The number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida is growing at a fast pace.  As of right now there are 15 companies that are approved by the state of Florida to dispense marijuana products.  These 15 companies have multiple locations throughout the state of Florida, ranging from Key West all the way to the panhandle.  Releaf Medical has provided an updated location list to these dispensaries.  This list of dispensary locations can be viewed by clicking on the dispensary you would like to locate displayed at the top of this webpage.  The list of these active dispensaries will be at the bottom of the independent dispensary page.  Patients can also search for all medical marijuana dispensaries in the state of Florida on the map located at the bottom of this page.

      Most medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida provide patients with many contact methods, call center phone numbers, live chat, and contact forms.  Patients also have the ability to stop into any of the local dispensaries and speak to a member of their staff.  Releaf Medical has provided the contact methods for each marijuana dispensary on the list displayed at the top of this page.  Patients can access this information by selecting the specific dispensary they would like to contact and the information will be displayed at the top of that specific dispensary webpage.   

      Payment Options

      Specific payment options depend on the medical marijuana dispensary.  Most Florida dispensaries accept cash, credit, debit, and CanPay.  Patients should keep in mind that most dispensaries will charge a service fee when using credit or debit cards.  Almost every Florida marijuana dispensary has an ATM on site that patients can use at the time they are picking up their products. 

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