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What Are High Eyes, Weed Eyes, Or Stoner Eyes?

The term weed eyes, high eyes, or stoner eyes is often used to describe the red or bloodshot eyes that some people experience after consuming marijuana. It could possibly be the most telling sign that someone just smoked or ate some form of weed, and it’s a tale as old as time. You want to go to the movies with your partner, and you figure you can have a couple puffs at home and take an Uber to the theater. You get the giggles as you stumble up to the snack counter. You forgot what you were doing because you looked in the mirror behind the candy bars and caught a glimpse of someone who had clearly been sprayed by mace. Oh wait, that was just your reflection, and you are experiencing stoner eyes. Why does every time you smoke weed you end up looking like you just found an old love letter from your high school sweetheart who just passed away? Why does weed make your eyes red and how to get rid of stoned eyes fast are answers you would like to learn, and fast!

I mean, those eyes are red. You don’t really have any control over this, but damnit does every single person in this theater know you are as high as the clouds, or at least that’s you think. Aside from the small twinge of embarrassment, and possibly some discomfort, weed eyes are not really worth seriously worrying about, and has a few handy treatments and preventative measures one can take. Keep reading for the answer of how to get rid of stoned eyes fast.

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Red?

This stoner eyes or weed eyes phenomenon is primarily attributed to the active compound in marijuana called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This means it doesn’t really matter the method of administration, when THC enters the bloodstream it works its magic, which means the main difference between ingestion methods is the time it takes to appear. The red eyes, also known as stoner eyes, is a natural effect of ingesting cannabis and really presents no risk to the person with those stoned eyes. There’s some pretty cool stuff happening in your body when you smoke weed, apart from making you add a couple extra pumps of butter in your popcorn and laughing a little too loudly at awkward moments in the movie theater. What exactly is weed doing to cause those eyes to get so red?

The first thing to help explain stoner eyes is vasodilation. THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana, can cause blood vessels in the eyes to dilate or expand. This dilation leads to an increase in blood flow to the eyes, which can result in redness. Secondly, smoking weed can also initially slightly raise blood pressure and heart rate. Soon after that rise, there will be a drop in blood pressure to your original level, leading your ocular capillaries to remain dilated. When those vessels stay opened up, the blood flow to your eyes increases and will cause the dreaded high eyes.

Ingesting cannabis can temporarily reduce your eyes’ ability to produce tears as well, and that will dry out your eyes. Dry eyes are uncomfortable, they can be really irritating and make your eyes red. Some people may also be sensitive to certain strains of marijuana, experiencing allergic reactions that can cause redness and irritation in the eyes.

How Long Do Weed Eyes Last?

The extent and duration of red eyes aka stoner eyes can vary from person to person and can depend on factors like the individual’s tolerance, the strain of marijuana used, and the method of consumption. Typically, red eyes are a short-term side effect of marijuana use and tend to diminish as the effects of THC wear off, which is usually within a few hours.

Light Sensitivity For Stoner Eyes

Light sensitivity (photophobia) is not typically considered a primary symptom of high eyes. Instead, stoner eyes are primarily characterized by the redness or bloodshot appearance of the eyes. However, light sensitivity can contribute to the overall discomfort that some individuals may associate with the appearance of stoner eyes. When the eyes are more sensitive to light, bright environments or exposure to sunlight can be particularly uncomfortable for someone with red or bloodshot eyes. In this sense, light sensitivity may add to the overall look of discomfort associated with stoner eyes.

High Eyes & Weed Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Stoned Eyes Fast

How To Get Rid Of Stoned Eyes Fast

If you or someone you know experiences red eyes after using marijuana and finds it uncomfortable or undesirable, there are a few steps that can help manage this side effect:

  • Using eye drops is the easiest and fastest course of relief and treatment. Over-the-counter lubricating eye drops can help relieve dryness and redness in a matter of minutes. One consideration is that developing a habit of using eye drops frequently may result in generally dry eyes, which does create a bit of a vicious cycle. Best use is to rely on them a couple of times a week.
  • Drink your water. Staying hydrated not only can help act as a preventive measure against stoner eyes, but also hydrating while stoned can help alleviate the discomfort and redness of weed eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses. Not only do they help with light sensitivity, but they cover your eyes, making the people around you unaware of the bloodshot mess your eyes are.
  • Choose a lower THC strain of flower or lower MG for your edible. Limiting your THC intake, though extremely lame, can help mitigate the effects of stoner eyes.
  • Choose the right strain. Some strains have terpenes that agree with you and your peepers, and some do not. The only real way to figure this one out is through trial and error.

Should I Care About My Weed Eyes?

If someone feels no discomfort with stoner eyes, and that includes no discomfort being out in public feeling like you look like you just ended a 72 hour session at the slot machines at the Bellagio, then there’s no one really forcing them to alleviate the redness in their eyes. There are loads of people, however, who use cannabis to alleviate anxiety or paranoia, or to reduce stress and PTSD. Those people benefit greatly from not having to try and hide the fact they have high eyes. A lot of people prefer not to have anything in their appearance that would be a giveaway that they have ingested cannabis, and until we have a more conscious public, it may still have a bit of a stigma. If someone has a big call with a client, or a presentation to make at school, and they know that weed helps them get through a tough day, there’s no harm in dressing it up a bit. If that’s not in their interest, more power to them!

Weed Eyes In Summary

Stoner eyes, or weed eyes refers to the red or bloodshot eyes that some individuals experience after consuming marijuana. This effect is primarily due to the vasodilatory properties of THC, which lead to increased blood flow and redness in the eyes. Managing red eyes can be achieved through eye drops, hydration, strain selection, and moderation in consumption. It’s important to note that while red eyes can be bothersome, they are typically a benign and short-term side effect of marijuana use. The use of eye drops can be habit forming, causing the user to develop drier eyes.

It’s important to recognize that the term stoner eyes is colloquial and does not refer to a specific medical condition but rather to the visible effects of marijuana use on the eyes. These effects typically include redness, bloodshot appearance, and sometimes dryness or discomfort. Light sensitivity, while related to eye discomfort, is not the primary factor contributing to stoner eyes but can make the experience of red or bloodshot eyes more uncomfortable in bright or well-lit environments. Thank you for reading and we hope you learn the answer to why does weed make your eyes red and how to get rid of stoned eyes fast. If you have any tips or tricks for stoner eyes please contact Releaf Medical and let us know!

High Eyes & Weed Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Stoned Eyes Fast

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