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How To Roll A Perfect Joint

How to roll a joint can be an extremely tough question with hundreds of answers. For almost 200 years human beings have been pondering and experimenting with new and clever ways on how to roll a perfect joint. So you have to ask yourself after two centuries and billions of joints smoked have we finally come to a conclusion? With all the advances in science and technology somebody must have solved the riddle of how to roll a joint. However, through hours of research and countless attempts at incredibly inventive techniques, the only determination Releaf Medical has come up with is there is no such thing as just one perfect method. Much like everything else in this world, you must go through trial and error to find out which method and/or device works best for you and your needs. In this article you will discover how to roll a joint without a filter, with a filter, and how to roll a joint with a roller. This article also contains a list of our favorite devices, tools, techniques, and tips. Follow this guide and you should know how to roll a perfect joint in no time at all.

How To Hand Roll A Joint With A Filter

A good old fashion hand rolled joint is a timeless choice for those willing to put a little patience and tedious effort into their medicating process. Listed below are the steps on how to roll a joint with a filter. For those of you who are wondering on how to roll a joint without a filter, it’s the exact same process just skip the filter. Before you start, make sure you have the flower of your choice, a grinder, rolling papers, a filter (optional), a pen, and a lighter. We also suggest 2 more optional, but highly recommendable add ons. First is a rolling tray to keep your counters clean and to waste as little pot as possible. The second is a beverage of your choice to help with coughing and cottonmouth.

  1. You will first need to first take your flower and break it down to a very fine consistency known as shake or ground flower. This will be the first step in your process no matter which method you choose. There are several different types and sizes of grinders sold in dispensaries, smoke shops, and online. At Releaf Medical we personally use and recommend a simple easy electric coffee grinder. Not only does it do an outstanding job, for $20.00 it takes a fraction of the time with no effort. For those of you curious about your kief, a high potency pure marijuana dust, there’s no need to worry. All the kief collects on the sides and the lid of the grinder. Just be sure to only use the coffee grinder for a couple of seconds or all of your flower will turn to kief. Once your cannabis is ground to a fine consistency, make sure to check for any extra visible stems and/or seeds that need to be picked out and thrown away.
  2. Now it’s time to grab your papers, a pen, and a filter. First, decide if you want a standard 1 ¼ size ( up to a ½ gram of shake recommended) or a king size (up to 1 gram of shake recommended). Remove one paper from the box and grab your pen. Take the bottom portion of the paper (the top of the paper will have a thick shiny glue strip across it) and roll the bottom half of the paper around the pen until it starts to naturally curl. As for the filter, we find it easiest to just purchase a box of RAW premade filter tips that are just the right size and shape every time. You want to place ½ of your filter on the bottom corner of your rolling paper. The other half should remain outside/past the paper so it acts as an extended mouthpiece. The filter not only helps to prevent any unwanted particles of the joint from falling into your mouth, but it helps to keep the mouth piece in shape for proper suction and inhalation. Filters also help minimize the irritation smoking a joint can cause on your throat. However, if your goal is how to roll a joint without a filter, just simply ignore that step and continue reading for a must needed tool.
  3. After your filter is in place, it’s time to fill your joint with your ground flower. Evenly sprinkle the shake to make a straight line from the tip of the filter to the other end of the paper. A good general rule of thumb is to make sure the straight line of shake is no thicker than the pen you just used. Over time you will be able to make joints as thick and dense as you like, but you must crawl before you walk. Now comes the hard part, the roll. There are several tricks and tips out there, but we find that simply curling the bottom of the paper with a pen before rolling it up makes the paper simply fold in on itself. Make sure to hold the filter tightly in place as you roll the paper all the way up until it meets the glue strip. Go slow and steady while rolling, keeping the paper tight with no slack all the way to the top. If you don’t get this step right your first few times, don’t worry. This step will take time and patience. If you can’t get it right away, go smoke a pre-roll, take a bong rip, make a sandwich, and come back to it later.
  4. You’ve done it, we have made it, the final step! Now that we have the joint all rolled and ready, it’s time to seal it and make any minor adjustments needed to improve its function and/or aesthetics. LIGHTLY lick the glue strip from end to end. Once it’s wet simply continue rolling until the paper is completely glued and closed. Always remember it’s supposed to seal the joint, not saturate it. If the joint is too wet on one side it will burn unevenly. Now that your joint is rolled, grab your pen and carefully use the tip to pack in any loose flower spilling out at the open end. Next, use your thumb and pointer finger to gently roll the joint back and forth from the mouth end to the tip. Be sure not to squeeze your joint or be overly aggressive. You are just trying to make sure the flower is not packed too tight and it’s an even consistency throughout the joint. This tiny, but important step prevents any obstruction to the airflow of your joint. To confirm there’s proper airflow, GENTLY blow air into the joint from the mouthpiece and make sure you feel a tiny bit of airflow at the other end. Finally it’s time to twist the open end closed, and spark it up!

How To Use A Joint Roller

Some may call it cheating, we just prefer to think of it as, smoke smarter not harder. Joint rollers are an incredible tool, and don’t let anybody tell you differently. The problem is most people have no clue how to use a joint roller. Just like all your other joint rolling tools / smoking devices, you can purchase a roller at any smoke shop or several online retailers. They are made by multiple brands in different sizes. Personally we use and swear by the RAW Roller 2-Way adjustable king size rolling machine.

  1. Like stated above, your first step will always be to grind your flower to a proper consistency without any visible stems. Make sure to grab your papers, your roller, and a rolling tray (a piece of paper will do just fine in a pinch). Make sure to always roll your joints over a tray to save your shake.
  2. The convent part of the RAW 2-Way adjustable roller is you can turn the lever horizontally to roll a thick fatty or turn it up vertically to have a thinner smaller joint. Make sure the roller is opened and the plastic is pressed down to form a U shape. Then carefully pour your ground flower out and fill the roller from end to end. Once the roller is filled, gently use your finger to pack the flower in slightly tighter. Now close your roller and spin the roller towards yourself a few times. You’ll notice some shake fall out or get stuck on top of the roller. That’s perfectly fine, just give it a couple taps on your tray. That way all the excess will be there later when it’s time to clean up.
  3. Now it’s time to add the paper. This is the simple step where most people learning how to roll a joint with a roller get confused. At this point, your flower is compacted and rolled in a perfect cylinder shape. Take your paper and with the glue side on the top/facing you and insert the bottom of the paper into the slit in the roller. Once again, you’ll spin the rollers toward yourself. You’ll watch the paper be fed into the roller with each turn. Stop spinning the roller when only the glue strip is remaining outside the roller. You will then lightly lick, not slobber, on the glue strip. Once you have licked from end to end, continue spinning the roller towards yourself until all the paper has been fed into the roller. Now give it just a few more turns to make sure everything is wrapped around and stuck together. Finally, open your roller, take out your joint, and light it up. You may need to lightly roll your joint back and forth between your fingers to break up any parts of the joint that are too tightly packed and are obstructing airflow.
  4. While this fourth step is certainly not required, we highly recommend it. Some smokers like to roll their joints with a filter in the joint roller, while others prefer no filter at all. At Releaf Medical we recommend and personally use a glass tip outer filter instead. You can find all different colors and sizes online or at smoke shops. When you purchase a standard size it’s meant for hand rolled and machine rolled joints. They also make pre-rolled sized tips as well. For machine rolled and hand rolled joints, gently twist the smaller end of the joint into the glass filter. You want about a ¼ of an inch of the joint inside the filter and for it to be a perfect air tight fit. For pre-rolled glass filters, twist the filtered side into the glass until it makes air tight fit. Enjoy, you can thank us later.

If all else fails, there’s still hope…

How To Roll A Joint How To Roll A Perfect Joint Tips & Tricks 2
How To Roll A Joint How To Roll A Perfect Joint Tips & Tricks

Marijuana Dispensary Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like, pre-rolled joints ready to smoke that are sold at most dispensaries throughout the country. If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to roll a joint, can’t roll a joint, is confused on how to use a joint roller, or has no interest in learning how to roll a joint without a filter / with a filter, this is the best option for you. Pre-rolls come in Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica. They are sold in a variety of strains, sizes, and quantities.

How To Roll A Joint How To Roll A Perfect Joint Tips

How To Roll A Perfect Joint

Our hope at Releaf Medical is this article has provided you with all the information needed in your journey to discovering how to roll the perfect joint.  Now that you know how to roll the perfect joint you will need to ultimate smokers tool, find out how to get a free Toker Poker lighter case.

Finally we have reached the end.  You have learned our favorite methods from how to use a joint roller, to how to roll a joint without a filter, a few really awesome products, and now it’s time to let the good times roll.

How To Roll A Joint

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