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How To Roll A Blunt | A Useful Guide On Getting Higher Than You Need To Be, Because Why Not

To put it bluntly, knowing how to roll blunts is a dying art. Why does your average Jerry need to know how to roll a blunt, anyway, when you can roll up (yep) to a dispensary and buy pre-rolled joints from anything like half a gram to 3.5 grams or larger, including a Pre Roll blunt. Medical marijuana patients in Florida are so spoiled! Blunts are a popular activity for people in large groups, people who like large quantities of medical marijuana, and for people looking forward to spending the next few hours stoned to the gills. As we mention in our post about Prerolls, knowing how to roll a blunt on your own can be fun, comes in handy, and can allow for a lot of creativity. Being a proficient blunt roller might make you pretty popular at a party, too!

How To Roll Blunts

Rolling a blunt and smoking it is a favorite ritual enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts around the world. There are a few steps to the process that may be overlooked by someone looking to learn how to roll their own blunts, so we will walk through the whole process, from gathering materials to having your post-blunt sesh entertainment ready to go. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker and never got around to learning, or you’re new to the medical cannabis world and curious about your options, this guide will be your key to becoming a successful blunt roller.

Gather The Blunt Materials

Medical Cannabis

Well duh, and while blunts can be rolled to be the size of a baby’s arm, you will probably want to start with 1.5-2 grams. If you want to know more about these measurements please check out the Releaf Medical weed measurements article.

Rolling Tray

Where are you going to put your cannabis, and the other materials we are about to mention? Get yourself a dedicated rolling tray. It doesn’t have to be made of sterling silver, but nice things are nice. Get something that fits your blunt roller vibe, these trays can be found in a plethora of choices.

Blunt Wrap

Rolling a blunt used to involve cutting open a cigar, emptying out the contents, carefully reusing the wrap, and rolling the blunt with the utmost care and caution for fear of ripping the cigar wrap. Thankfully we don’t have to do that anymore. Not only do perfectly rectangular wraps come in individual packages, but you can choose flavored wraps, extra-large wraps, and some will even have the glue that comes on the edge of joint papers to make the sealing even easier.

Weed Grinder

When preparing for a blunt, you must have a lot of broken-up weed. That means making a mess and taking a lot of time doing it by hand, or you can have a nice grinder that can do the job in a fraction of the time. The weed grinder makes sure the weed is a consistent texture to help ensure a smoothly burning blunt with no runs. You can also just keep your grinder in a safe place on or with your tray so you always know you have it when it comes time to roll a blunt.


There is nothing worse than finishing up your masterful blunt roll and then searching your pockets, your drawers, and your kitchen for some sort of flame to light your blunt. Keep a lighter with your tray also so you know how to prepare for blunts as part of your knowledge of how to roll blunts.

Blunt Roller Machine (Optional)

If you are not confident with your ability to roll a smooth, uniform blunt, you can absolutely buy a blunt roller machine to do the hard part for you. A blunt roller has no shame in using a little bit of technology to help out with the task.

Other Optional Items

There are a few optional add-ons to consider when you roll a blunt is the crutch or filter, like most joints have. If you like to feel cardboard instead of a little moist tip of the blunt in your mouth, roll up a crutch and insert it when you roll your blunt just like you would a joint. Another option is using an extra bit of love when you seal your blunt. Yes, your tongue and saliva work fine, but you can consider something like honey to keep it sticky and sweet, or you can go even further in your excessive smoke session and use a THC oil to seal when you roll a blunt. We’ll explain in the how-to section coming up.

Post-Blunt Materials

As we said, smoking a blunt is to commit to smoking a lot of weed in one sitting, and if you’re not used to it, you may be put on your keister. It may be a good idea to gather your snacks, talk about what movie, or prepare your hiking backpack prior to your blunt smoking session. It’s much less stressful and time-consuming to figure out those details before you embark on your journey of smoking a little too much weed in one sitting.

How To Roll Blunts

How To Roll A Blunt | Become A Blunt Roller Machine

How To Become A Proficient Blunt Roller | Be Your Own Blunt Roller Machine

A Pre Roll blunt and a blunt roller machine are super convenient, but what happens when you are called on to be the blunt roller while you’re out of your comfort zone and you don’t have all your specialized or purchased equipment? It’s time to look at how to roll blunts without these handy tools, and don’t worry after your first failure or two, it becomes easier. Once you’ve gone and gathered the materials, here’s the easy way on how to roll a blunt:

Prepare The Blunt Wrap

Blunt wraps are a little fragile, and can be dry, so lay it out carefully on the tray, and if it doesn’t lay out flat you can lick it to moisten and soften it up.

Fill The Blunt

This is where you will evenly lay out your 1-5 or however many grams of weed into your wrap. If you want to use a crutch or filter, this is where you will add that.

Roll The Blunt

You can’t be a blunt roller if you don’t roll your blunt properly. Much like rolling a joint, knowing how to roll a blunt relies a lot on walking that line of rolling the blunt tight but not too tight that the cannabis can’t burn freely when you inhale. This is where a pre roll blunt and blunt roller machine are very helpful and can show you exactly how packed in your weed should be.

Tuck And Seal The Blunt

This is arguably the hardest step because of the tuck. You carefully roll up one side of the blunt wrap while keeping the weed in a tube form and fold the higher side up and over the lower side, and tuck the lower side into the blunt to make sure it doesn’t fold back over and curls down into the back side of the blunt wrap, and then continue to roll it over until only the final edge remains. Give the wrap edge a lick and seal it tightly down. A lot of times it is helpful and recommended to pop the blunt in your mouth and pull it out while lightly moistening the whole outside of the blunt with a bit of saliva as it leaves your mouth. Once you have rolled, tucked, and licked the blunt, you can run a lighter the length of the blunt up and down to seal that baby tight by drying up the saliva.

(Note: If you are choosing to use honey or oil when you roll your blunt, replace the saliva with your chosen sticky substance and perform step four exactly the same)

Smoking The Blunt

Way to go, you have now learned how to roll blunts. Or maybe you said this is too much work and purchased a Pre Roll blunt, we don’t pass judgment here, only blunts and joints. Once you know how to roll a blunt, you should celebrate and smoke it down, all of it. Don’t worry about getting too high or greening out, it is next to impossible to OD on weed. If you do feel like you have gotten a little too high, read our article on how to sober up from weed. Now it’s time for the fun, light the tip of the blunt with the blunt in your mouth, and slowly rotate it in your mouth to evenly light the weed and ensure a good burn. Take a puff, or three, and pass that to the left. It will probably be a slower-paced smoke session, and everyone will have a chance or five to enjoy the taste and aroma of a large quantity of weed being smoked in one sitting. Pace yourself, it’ll come back to you. Enjoy it, and then enjoy a bag of chips and get lost in a movie you’ve seen 100 times or go for a hike, whatever it is you can muster while stoned to the gills. You are only a certified blunt roller when you can also finish the product you made, so enjoy it to the fullest! Until next time our loyal readers, stay medicated!

How To Roll Blunts

How To Roll A Blunt | Become A Blunt Roller Machine

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