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How To Smoke Weed

The cannabis plant has been part of medicine, religion, industry, and recreation across the globe for millennia, but no one is born with the innate knowledge of how to smoke weed or how to smoke a weed pipe. Over 5,000 years ago, people in China and the Middle East were partaking in using cannabis. Thankfully, they took that risk for us, and we don’t have to be the brave pioneers who first saw the cannabis plant and said, hey, we’ve already finished planting our pumpkins and corn for the spring season, why not dry this plant out and harvest the buds, then find out what happens when we burn it and inhale its fumes. That’s the stuff legends are made of, true heroes of history. Back then they would heat up some rocks and just put weed on those hot rocks and trap the smoke with some gourd or clay pot, and after that you know what happens. We don’t have to heat rocks up and trap smoke with a gourd in 2023 (though there are a couple of new age versions of that), but how do you smoke weed? How to smoke weed from a pipe might be a silly question to some, but remember that first time, everyone needs some guidance. Releaf Medical is here to provide you some insights on everything about how to smoke weed from A to Z and even how to smoke weed out of an apple.

The Process Of How To Smoke Weed From A Pipe

The number of apparatuses and methods of smoking weed seems to grow exponentially, and we’ll get into some of the most common ways, but for the most part the step-by-step process of how to smoke weed can be broken down into six basic steps. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to go through the preparation for smoking weed from a pipe, bong, and a joint, and we will get into the other ways to smoke cannabis flower a little later.


Get your tools together. First and foremost, gather your weed also known as cannabis flower. Whether it’s sativa, an indica, or a hybrid, it all gets prepared the same way. I like to buy an air-tight jar or two and have my flowers neatly contained. You might just have a pre-rolled joint that you can buy at a medical marijuana dispensary, and you can sit back and skip a couple steps of how to smoke marijuana.

In your preparation you’ll want your device at hand, whether that’s a bong, a pipe, the aforementioned pre-roll, or some papers to roll your own joint or blunt. How do you know which of these you want? The next section we’ll discuss a few common and a few uncommon devices and methods, but chances are you’ll want to start small, which means a pipe. Yes, we will teach you how to smoke a weed pipe.

You’re also going to want a grinder, and a tray for your ground up marijuana flower. Whether we are learning how to smoke weed out of a pipe or how to smoke a joint, you will need a lighter or some matches. I like to keep all of these on my tray on a shelf in my closet, in a dedicated area that isn’t out in the open for public view, but it’s also not a chore to go gather up and enjoy smoking some pot.

The prep doesn’t stop here though. Get your settings in order as well. Have your movie cued up, order your pizza, grab your bag of Doritos, and make sure all your LaCroix sodas are nice and chilled in the fridge. I like to have a clean environment, so there’s no clutter in the room which helps avoid any anxiety or annoyances.

Break It Down

Get your grinder out, and a nice bud that calls your attention. Break off any stems and leave them separated but on your tray to throw them away later. Then break the weed down into fingernail-sized mini buds and place them in the lower, inner part of the grinder. If you load the top part, depending on the stickiness of the weed you might accumulate a lot of crystals on the outer rim, which will eventually lead to a more arduous and messy grinding. Most grinders will have a lower section that you unscrew, and that’s where your ground up weed falls into and collects. Other grinders will be two parts that grind and you open up after a quick spin, and let the weed fall into your tray. Don’t grind your weed into dust, as that may make it burn up too quickly, and if you’re rolling a joint you want little buds for a nice even burn.

Load It Up

If you are using a glass pipe or bong, take a pinch of your ground up flower and sprinkle it into the bowl of the pipe or bong. You can then take your fingertip to lightly pack the weed down, but not too much to clog the pipe and not allow any air to be sucked through. Depending on whether you are sharing a bowl or flying solo, or if you just want a quick hit before you do the dishes, you can choose to load one pinch or to have the bud heaping out of the bowl. Maybe you want to load one bowl for the day, and you can come back to it periodically and not have to reload each time.

If you choose to roll a joint, everyone has their preferred way, but this video is the best, succinct explanation, and it features Seth Rogan.

Light It Up

Hold the pipe up to your mouth and cover any carb hole on the side or the back, or put the end of the joint firmly between your lips, and light your lighter. Bring the flame slowly closer to the weed.

Inhale And Exhale

If the weed is properly ground and packed, as the lighter gets close enough the cannabis should easily light up as you begin to slowly inhale, like you’re pulling on the pipe or joint. It should begin to burn evenly. If your joint is only burning on one side, take a couple quarter rotations of the joint as you have the lighter in the same spot, and that should get it burning evenly.

Don’t worry about taking the largest and longest inhale like it was some sort of competition. Take an easy breath. Then breathe out, fully. Congratulations, you just learned how to smoke weed! It doesn’t matter which way, you now know how to smoke out of a pipe, and how to smoke a joint.


Repeat the previous step until you are at your desired level of high. If you are superstitious, you may always have to finish the whole bowl or joint or you’ll have bad luck, or maybe you’ll come back in 45 minutes after the first episode of Ted Lasso for a refresher. Then put all your stuff away. Repeat all the steps as desired.

Conclusion Of How To Smoke Weed & How To Smoke Weed From A Pipe

Of course, if these more traditional methods bore you, take a look at some more creative ways to smoke weed and ingest. Those methods include vaporizers, dabs, gravity bongs (a personal guilty pleasure), knife hits, and solar bowls. If you’re in a pinch, go to your local grocery store and buy an apple and poke a hole in the side to make a mouthpiece and remove the stem and poke a hole straight down to make a bowl, and voila. This simple device is how you smoke weed out of an apple. There are certainly more creative ways to smoke weed, so we will let you decide how you want to smoke pot, but just be sure to always enjoy it responsibly. We hope you learned how to smoke weed and how to smoke weed from a pipe with ease. If you need more information on how to smoke weed out of a pipe, YouTube is filled with great educational content.

How To Smoke Weed

How To Smoke Weed From A Pipe