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Moon Rock Weed Overview

A very common question we receive at Releaf Medical is what are moon rocks? After patients ask the initial question of “what are moon rocks” they are followed by these following questions:

  • Can we purchase moon rock weed at a Florida dispensary?
  • How to make moon rocks?
  • How to smoke moon rocks?
  • What is the high like from moon rock weed?

Below we have provided our patients with everything they need to know about moon rock weed.

Moon Rocks Moon Rock Joint

What Are Moon Rocks?

In the simplest explanation moon rocks are essentially just cannabis buds that are dipped, rolled, or sprayed with hash oil and then rolled in kief. Moon rocks are not an actual strain of cannabis plant, they are more of a science experiment that turned out so great it had to be named. Moon rocks are known to have an average THC of more than 50% (typical flower ranges from 10-30% THC). If you have never tried or seen a moon rock before, once you see it you will start to understand where the name comes from because it does not look like a typical cannabis bud. You fully grasp the name moon rocks after you smoke it, the high you get is out of this world and probably nothing like you have ever experienced before! At Releaf Medical we recommend keeping an open schedule after trying moon rock weed for the first time and probably every time after as well, they are that potent. Unfortunately, in Florida you won’t find moon rocks for sale at any of the medical marijuana dispensaries. Don’t worry though Releaf Medical is going to go over the step by step instructions on how to make moon rocks.  It is important to understand that moon rocks are not the same as a MoonRock Joint or a Twax Joint.  For more information about MoonRock Joints and Twax Joints please click here.

Where Did Moon Rocks Come From?

The concept of moon rocks was popularized by Kurupt (a famous West Coast rapper) in coordination with Dr Zodiak (music artist) around 2013. It is unclear if they actually created moon rocks or based on their notoriety they are just credited with spreading the word about them. There’s also some articles out there that claim Starbudz760 dispensary created and coined the term. You will also hear the term “cannabis caviar” when talking about moon rocks but “cannabis caviar” tends to describe cannabis buds only dipped in hemp oil or extract without the extra step of adding the kief. Originally moon rocks were made with the strain Girl Scout Cookies but really you can make moon rocks with any cannabis strain that you want. We recommend using your favorite or most potent strain because the better the quality the better the final product.

How To Make Moon Rocks?

Since you can’t purchase moon rock weed in Florida at a licensed dispensary and we don’t recommend buying from a street dealer, we are going to go over the step by step instructions for how to make moon rocks. Don’t worry it’s not difficult, but it will include 3 different types of cannabis so it might get expensive. You will want to make sure you have the following items before attempting:

  1. Buds from your favorite or most potent strain (dense buds typically work the best)
  2. Cannabis concentrate or hash oil(hash oil not currently sold in Florida)
  3. Kief (you can use what is in the bottom of your grinder or purchase from a dispensary)
  4. Tweezers or tongs (you will need these to rotate your bud)
  5. Medicine dropper (depending on how you plan on applying concentrate)
  6. Gloves/rolling tray/blade (not a necessity but it can get messy)

Step 1
Start out with a few nugs of your choice depending on how much moon rock weed you are looking to make. This will also depend on how much concentrate and kief you have available to work with. Dense buds work the best, if the buds are too fluffy they potentially will absorb too much of the concentrate which will make them difficult to smoke and require extra drying time

Step 2
Use the concentrate of your choice. Since hash oil is not available for purchase at Florida dispensaries you can substitute for one of the many concentrates available at your local medical marijuana dispensary. Do not be afraid to tell the budtender you are learning how to make moon rocks, they will probably offer you some excellent advice and tips on the process. You may want gloves and your rolling tray for this step, it can get messy. Most concentrates are very sticky and can be difficult to work with at room temperature. If you come across this issue, warm your concentrate up first and then while holding your bud with tweezers drizzle the concentrate over your bud or roll your bud in the now more liquid substance. Be careful not to over saturate the buds because this will make them more difficult to smoke and require extra drying time

Step 3
Immediately after the second step, use your tongs or tweezers and roll your buds in your kief (buds should be nice and sticky from the concentrate). If your kief is still in the base of the grinder you might need to sprinkle it over the bud so you don’t get all the concentrate stuck in the base. If you do decide to sprinkle by hand, put a piece of paper under your bud as you sprinkle so you don’t lose any of your precious kief.

Step 4
Let your bud dry. This might possibly be the hardest step in how to make moon rocks because after all that work we know you want to try out your moon rock weed. If your bud was lightly coated in concentrate it might dry in a few hours but typically you should expect to wait a few days (3-7 days is typical but it will all depend on how much concentrate you used in the 2nd step)

Tips Before You Smoke Moon Rocks

I know what you’re thinking of “tips?” Well, this is not going to be your typical high unless you often smoke a bowl, immediately take a dab, and cap it off with a bowl of kief. So yeah, we are going to give you some pointers based on our personal experience:

  • Eat before smoking to avoid being nauseous
  • If have anything you need to accomplish for the day do it before smoking moon rock weed
  • Cotton mouth is REAL so plan on having a drink close by
  • Don’t use a grinder, break up with scissors or a blade because of how sticky they will be
  • Don’t plan on smoking in a joint, it won’t stay lit
  • Smoke in a comfortable atmosphere because you probably won’t be very active after
  • Store moon rocks in a cool, dry area so they don’t melt
  • You can always do more, but you can’t do less. Take it slow!

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

Now that you have learned “what are moon rocks” and have allowed your moon rocks to dry, it’s time to enjoy your out of this world creation. Another friendly reminder, moon rocks are not for the novice cannabis smoker because of how high the THC content is.

You will want to use a glass bong, bubbler, or pipe to smoke your moon rocks because they are going to be extremely dense and sticky. You can break up your moon rock weed with a blade or scissors and pack the pieces into a bowl and smoke. If it’s your first time you may want to take it slow and sprinkle pieces of your moon rocks on top of a bowl of flower. Like we mentioned above it will prove very difficult if not impossible to smoke a joint with just moon rocks. Alternatively, you could sprinkle some small pieces of your moon rocks into your ground bud before rolling a joint.

We are happy to answer the question of what are moon rocks for patients. Now that you have the answers to how to make moon rocks and how to smoke moon rocks you are good to go. Once again we would like to remind you, GO SLOW! After smoking moon rock weed you might think you’re up in orbit with Richard Branson or Jeffrey Bezos and who are we to tell you that you aren’t. Hopefully when you come down it was enjoyable enough that you want to try it again and again and again.  If the high was too much for you please read our article on how to sober up from weed for some great insider tips and first hand knowledge.  We hope you enjoyed learning how to make moon rocks. Stay safe and enjoy!

Moon Rock Weed

Pros Of Smoking Moon Rocks

  • Since moon rock weed is not sold at Florida dispensaries you will be one of only a few who actually has the product and has tried this marvelous creation
  • They are a great conversation topic
  • You will become more popular because you know how to make moon rocks
  • They get you ridiculously high

Cons Of Smoking Moon Rocks

  • You typically need to make them days in advance
  • They can be messy depending on your concentrate and kief coating skills
  • You need to store them in a dry, cool place so they don’t melt
  • They get you ridiculously high ( we think this is a pro but you decide)

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