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What Is A MoonRock Joint

A MoonRock Joint is also known as a Twax Joint and is very similar to a regular joint. The major difference between the two is that cannabis concentrates are added to either the outside, inside, or the tip of the joint. This method of joint smoking is super potent and will send whomever smokes it to outer space, hints the name MoonRock Joint. These mighty joints are not sold in Florida dispensaries, so you will have to make them yourself, but do not worry we will show you exactly how to make these magnificent beauties. Releaf Medical would like to warn our patients that Twax Joints should only be consumed by experienced THC users. If a patient does choose to try these powerful creations and gets a little too high, please read our article on how to sober up from weed.

A Twax or Moonrock Joint is a suitable alternative to dabbing. Dabbing involves vaporizing cannabis concentrates with a specialized rig that usually includes a small blowtorch. Dabbing is not for everyone as it requires unique equipment, not very portable, and is next to impossible to share with friends. A Twax joint is a new school method that incorporates a traditional smoking technique. These types of joints should not be confused with MoonRock Weed. If you would like to know more about MoonRock Weed please read our article on MoonRocks.

Materials Required

  • A form of cannabis concentrate. The specific type is optional, the more waxy or sticky consistency the better. At Releaf Medical we recommend a form of the TruClear concentrate sold at the Trulieve Dispensary.
  • A sturdy and strong rolling paper, you will need support for the joint.
    Buds from your favorite or most potent cannabis strain. Releaf Medical strongly suggests using top shelf buds as it will have an ideal combination of terpenes and flavonoids that contribute to the flavor and aroma of your joint.
  • Kief (you are able to use what is in the bottom of your grinder or purchase kief concentrate at most Florida dispensaries.) The cannabis flower base will allow for a nice steady burn while the kief is added to deliver an excellent euphoric punch. The type of kief concentrate you use will also greatly impact the end result.
  • A reliable lighter, which will be needed to soften up your cannabis concentrate and to actually light the joint. If you use a lighter to heat up the cannabis concentrate please do not make contact with the actual flame, only use the heat from the flame. Patients can also use their hands to warm up the cannabis concentrate by holding the tube of concentrate between their hands and rubbing the tube back and forth. Patients can also use a glass of warm water to put their cannabis concentrate in, but make sure to leave the cap of the container on.
  • For convenience a dabbing tool to make the shaping and coating process much simpler. Releaf Medical recommends the Toker Poker and would like to remind readers that patients at our marijuana clinic receive this awesome smokers tool for free after completing their patient evaluations. If patients do use the Toker Poker please use the circular stainless steel tamper part of this tool and not the poker.
  • Rubbing alcohol, coconut oil, or gloves to help spare your fingers from the sticky mess that is required when making a MoonRock Joint or Twax Joint. This material is not required for the joint itself, so if you are fine with extensively washing your hands after this process, so are we.
Trulieve Truclear
Kief MoonRock Joint Moonrock Weed

Rolling A MoonRock Joint Or Twax Joint

The rolling of these concentrated joints is very similar to the rolling of a regular joint. If you would like to brush up on your joint rolling skills or read some tips and tricks from Releaf Medical on how to roll the perfect joint. There are two primary ways to roll a MoonRock Joint, one includes an option where the cannabis concentrate and kief is on the inside and the second option has the concentrates and kief on the outside of the joint.

Option 1: Roll The Concentrates On The Inside

  1. Get your ground-up cannabis bud and a rolling paper. Set the ground cannabis buds aside and select a concentrate of your choice. Remember, at Releaf Medical we recommend the TruClear concentrate. Using the dabbing tool, the lighter, hot water, or your hands heat up the concentrate just enough so that it is easily spreadable.
  2. Spread the warmed up concentrate in a snake like line from the top of the rolling paper to the bottom of the paper. This method of spreading the concentrate will ensure that every hit from the joint taken will include a bit of the cannabis concentration, allowing your high to be consistent.
  3. Take the ground up cannabis buds and spread them throughout the rolling paper onto the concentrate like you would in a traditional joint. Now apply the kief concentrate to the center of the cannabis bud in the straight line and roll up the joint like you normally would.
  4. Give the rolling paper a lick, seal it off, and enjoy the smoke. This type of MoonRock Joint or Twax Joint is more discreet than the outside concentrate method.

Option 2: Roll The Concentrates On The Outside

  1. Take the rolling paper and ground cannabis buds and roll a normal joint. Please be sure the roll is nice and tight so that there is no chance that some buds will spill out of the joint.
  2. Using the lighter, your hands, or the warm water heat up the concentrate just enough so that it is easily spreadable. Spread the warmed up concentrate in a spiral like formation from the top of the rolling paper to the bottom of the paper. Using the dabbing tool spread the concentrate around the joint so that the entire outside surface is covered in the cannabis concentrate of your choice. (You do not have to spread the concentrate over the entire surface area of the joint, you can keep the spiral design if you choose to appreciate your MoonRock Joint artwork skills.) If you would prefer to apply concentrate just to the tip of the joint and not the entire joint please do so.
  3. Now apply the kief concentrate to the outside of the joint by sprinkling the powder onto the joint or roll the joint into the kief concentrate so that the kief sticks to the outside of the joint.
  4. Give the rolling paper a lick, seal it off, and enjoy the smoke. This type of MoonRock Joint or Twax Joint should look like the image that is displayed at the top of this page. Practice makes perfect and if patients find they have tips and tricks to make this MoonRock Joint process easier please share them with Releaf Medical.

MoonRock & Twax Joints Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a MoonRock Joint and Twax Joint is, the materials required to make them, and how to roll the potent joint please enjoy this masterpiece responsibly. Releaf Medical would like to once again remind our patients these types of joints are not for novice smokers or beginner THC consumers, please GO SLOW! If patients would like to learn about MoonRock Weed, how to make MoonRock Weed, and how to smoke MoonRock Weed please read our article on MoonRocks for your next cannabis learning experience.

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