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Medical Marijuana And Cancer Treatment

The relationship between marijuana and cancer is beneficial to the 30% of Americans that will be diagnosed with a form of cancer in their lifetime. Being diagnosed with any form of cancer is a life changing moment that is filled with stress and uncertainty. Cancer can occur anywhere in the body and cause numerous problems, especially in later stages. While people can live with the disease, it’s rarely easy or comfortable. If battling the cancer isn’t bad enough, the treatments cause a range of side effects that are often worse than the disease alone. Nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, and pain are common among cancer patients who then require multiple medications to combat each new side effect. The medications are expensive, overwhelming, and often diminish the individual’s quality of life. That’s why many patients turn to medical marijuana to manage their symptoms and regain some control over their lives.

Though marijuana is often thought of as a drug used to get high, it has several beneficial properties that help cancer patients manage their symptoms. Medical marijuana can reduce pain, nausea, and vomiting associated with chemotherapy or other treatments. It also improves a person’s appetite and can reduce feelings of anxiety.

Marijuana and cancer go together hand in hand these days as more patients discover the benefits. It’s easier to access than ever before, especially since most states legalized medical marijuana in recent years. Releaf Medical makes the process of getting a marijuna card easy, the first step of this process is to schedule an appointment with one of our qualified Florida medical marijuana doctors.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Florida

medical marijuana card appointment

Schedule An Appointment

New patients, re-evaluations, and transfer patients are able to schedule an appointment with our medical marijuana clinic for a medical marijuana card evaluation online or via a phone call at 561-778-5323.

medical marijuana doctors appointment

Receive An Evaluation

The certified medical marijuana doctors at Releaf Medical will determine if you qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida. The process is risk free! If new patients do not qualify, then there is no fee.

marijuana doctors appointment

Same Day Approval

Releaf Medical marijuana clinic offers new patients same day approval. New patients will be able to register their medical marijuana card application with the state of Florida at the time of their initial appointment.

Does Marijuana Cure Cancer

Does marijuana cure cancer is a common question we receive at Releaf Medical. Currently, no verified research supports that any form of marijuana can cure cancer. Even though marijuana can help individuals manage the symptoms and side effects, it’s not a substitute for prescribed cancer treatments. Medical marijuana can be beneficial to cancer treatment patients, but marijuana is not a cure for any type of cancer.

Does Marijuana Kill Cancer Cells

Does marijuana kill cancer cells is another common question we receive at Releaf Medical. Unfortunately, while marijuana works wonders on side effects, it does not appear to kill cancer cells. That said, there is some early research to indicate that it might restrict cancer’s ability to spread and, when used with other therapies, could be effective against some types of cancer.

Benefits Of THC During Chemo

Chemotherapy is one of the most common options for combating cancer. Medical marijuana is effective and efficient, but the side effects can be devastating. The answer is to take more medication to manage the adverse effects, and sometimes even more prescriptions to offset new symptoms. Using THC during chemo can reduce the number of medications you take while managing the adverse side effects associated with therapy.

Dealing with nausea, vomiting, and pain related to chemotherapy can be taxing and ruin your appetite. Medical marijuana can help you get back on track and feeling better without having to take so many medications to manage your symptoms.

Several studies on marijuana and cancer support the benefits for helping people combat their illness. The top benefit is managing the nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy. It also improves the appetite so that they don’t lose too much weight during treatment. Another key benefit is pain management. Nerve pain and inflammation are frequent symptoms and side effects that marijuana can minimize or eliminate to improve an individual’s quality of life.

THC During Chemo Can Be Beneficial

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Cannabis Oil For Cancer & THC Products For Cancer Patients

Smokable marijuana flower may be the traditional choice, but it’s not the only option anymore. Many patients choose alternative forms of consuming cannabis products.


Rick Simpson oil, commonly known as RSO, is an extract named for the Canadian who created it. RSO oil has higher THC levels than other options and may support healing while managing anxiety. One of the benefits of using cannabis oil for cancer is that you can take it several ways. You can use it in an oil diffuser to create a vapor that you inhale. Or, if you prefer to ingest it, add the oil to food or hot drinks.

Marijuana Gummies

Marijuana gummies are easy to take because they are reminiscent of gummy candies. The chewable, slightly sweet edibles come in various flavors and you can cut them down to smaller sizes for a customizable dose. Ingesting gummies allows for a delayed onset instead of a more immediate effect.

Smokeable Flower

If you like the traditional route, it’s still possible to get cannabis to smoke. It’s important to get your smokeable flower from reputable medical marijuana locations for a purer product that doesn’t contain as many chemicals or any additives.

Capsules or Pills

One of the most discreet options for taking THC during chemo is by using pills. You can easily keep your marijuana and cancer medications together so it’s less obvious and part of a daily regimen.

Creams and Lotions

Another way to use cannabis oil for cancer is via creams and lotions. You can apply it to the skin and rub it in. This method works well for people who experience nerve or joint pain, or those who struggle with the other methods.

Mouth Sprays

It’s possible to secure a mouth spray that’s easy to administer and low-profile. Using a THC mouth spray could be easier for many people. Oral sprays are discreet, deliver the effects quickly, and allow people to control their dosage.

Speak To A Budtender At A Dispensary

Medical marijuana is a touchy subject for some people, but a budtender at a dispensary can help you determine the best options to meet your needs. They have the necessary expertise to guide you through the process and answer all of your questions.

The Takeaway: THC During Chemo Can Be Beneficial

It’s not difficult to find information on marijuana and cancer. The resounding feedback is that marijuana is helpful for managing the side effects of other treatments, especially chemotherapy. Many people find relief from the onslaught of difficult side effects related to their treatment plans and manage to live better lives despite their illness.

Since medical marijuana alleviates so many different symptoms, it can reduce the number of medications you have to take. That’s less concern about medicines interacting poorly with others. It also takes the edge off and lets you relax to focus on healing. The team at Releaf Medical is ready to help you find the best medical marijuana products to meet your needs so that you can focus on healing.

THC During Chemo Can Be Beneficial

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