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Everything medical marijuana patients in the state of Florida need to know about the MedMen Dispensary, the MedMen first time discount, MedMen locations, MedMen promo code, and general information about MedMen Florida is displayed below.

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MedMen Discounts

MedMen First Time Discount

First Purchase: 15% Off Entire Purchase. There is no MedMen promo code, all new patients with the MedMen dispensary will automatically receive this new patient discount.

Second Purchase: $25.00 off purchases of $125.00 or more.

Third Purchase: 15% Off Entire Purchase. There is no MedMen promo code, all new patients with the MedMen dispensary will automatically receive this new patient discount.

SNAP Discount

Patients that receive the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, are eligible for a 15% discount on all their purchases. The SNAP MedMen discount and veteran discounts are not able to be stacked with each other.

Veterans Discount

The MedMen dispensary would like to show its appreciation to the brave souls that served in our nation’s military. MedMen Florida honors the veteran community with a 20% discount on all purchases.

Birthday Discount

The MedMen dispensary wants all of its patients to feel special on their birthday by offering a one time 10% off an entire purchase during the patient’s birthday month! Patients must be registered with the MedMen Buds rewards program to claim this special birthday offer. This MedMen discount is not able to be stacked with any other discount or combined with any other MedMen promotion.

Senior Discount

All day everyday at all MedMen Florida locations patients that are over the age of 55 get 15% off their entire orders. The MedMen discounts for seniors apply to both pickup and delivery orders. The MedMen senior discount can not be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

MedMen Dispensary Information

Let’s Be Buds Promotions Alert

MedMen Florida offers patients daily updates on new products, special limited time promotions, and much more with their Let’s Be Buds program.  Patients are able to sign up for the MedMen dispensary Let’s Be Buds program by clicking here and entering their personal information after selecting the “Join Now” option.  The Let’s Be Buds program will give you updates on exclusive MedMen drops and deals!

MedMen Buds Rewards Program

The MedMen dispensary offers its patients the Buds Rewards Program. Buds members earn points on every purchase they make at any MedMen Florida location. 200 Buds Rewards points earns patients $5.00 in rewards. Buds rewards program patients receive 2X points on house brands and on their “Cannaversary.”

Payments Accepted

MedMen Florida accepts payments in the form of cash or debit cards. Payments made with a debit card will have a $2.95 service fee charge applied. Almost all the MedMen locations will have an ATM available for patients to use.

MedMen Florida Consultations

MedMen Florida provides patients with the ability to have an in person consultation if they would like to speak with a MedMen certified product consultant. The in person consultation is FREE and patients can stop into any of the MedMen locations and request product information.

About MedMen Dispensary

MedMen is one of the biggest names in the medical marijuana world.  The MedMen dispensary was founded with the vision to overturn the stigma of cannabis consumption by offering an accessible and welcoming shopping environment.  At all MedMen locations patients will experience this vision first hand because a world where cannabis products are legal and regulated is healthier, happier, and safer.  MedMen Florida has a mission to provide high quality cannabis products to all patients that are looking for relief over their debilitating and chronic medical conditions.  At MedMen locations patients will experience education on their products and see in person how MedMen provides curation with transparency.  As one of the premium cannabis product retailers operating in the United State, MedMen has been leading the industry with new developments for over a decade.  Their team of cannabis product experts offer an unparalleled customer experience at all MedMen locations that encompass six states.  The MedMen dispensary feels that as an industry leader they have a responsibility to demand criminal justice reform and that they ensure that the communities affected by the War on Drugs are involved in shaping the future of the medical marijuana treatment industry.

The medical marijuana industry experts at MedMen Florida work with the staff at Releaf Medical to provide the correct delivery routes, dosage, and products to ensure patients receive compassionate and effective care.   If you are considering medical marijuana treatment in Florida and would like to visit one of the many MedMen locations you will first need to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor.  Releaf Medical provides medical marijuana card evaluations for new patients, re-evaluations, and patient transfers.  Find the relief you are looking for by scheduling your marijuana doctor evaluation today!  


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