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MUV Dispensary Florida

Everything medical marijuana patients in the state of Florida need to know about the MUV dispensary Florida, the MUV first time discount, and the MUV discounts are displayed below.

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MUV Discounts

MUV First Time Discount

First Purchase: 25% Off Entire Purchase
Second Purchase: $75.00 Off Order Of $150.00 Or More
Third Purchase: BOGO of Patients Choice

*Patients must present a “Physician Referral” card to receive the MUV first time discount offers. Releaf Medical patients will be given this referral card at the time of their appointment.

MUV Discounts Renewal

When patients renew their medical marijuana card with the state of Florida they receive their MUV first time discount physician referral card offers again! This renewal is yearly and the expiration date will be printed on your medical marijuana card and can be found in the email from the state as well. So the discounts patients received the first three times they went to MUV, they get again!

Veterans Discount

MUV dispensary offers a special discount for veterans under their MUV Medical Marijuana Veterans Program. Veterans that shop at any MUV dispensary Florida location will receive a 20% discount applied to each purchase. Patients must show a current veteran ID card, present a DD214 document, or present a valid Florida state driver’s license with the “V” emblem. Veteran discounts are not stackable with other discounts or promotions.

MUV Cannabis Patient Travel Discount

Medical marijuana treatment patients that travel over 100 miles when visiting a MUV dispensary are eligible for a 10% discount applied to their purchases. Patients must show proof of travel distance through address on a valid Florida ID card or driver’s license. The MUV cannabis patient travel discount cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.

Pediatric Discount

MUV dispensary provides patients under the age of 18 with a pediatric discount of 25% off orders. The MUV discounts for pediatric patients and their caregivers are only valid with proof and are not able to be combined with other offers or promotions.

Senior Discount

All day every day at all MUV dispensary Florida locations patients that are over the age of 55 get 10% off their entire orders. The MUV discounts for seniors apply to both pickup and delivery orders. The MUV senior discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Birthday Discount

MUV dispensary Florida wants all of its patients to feel special on their birthday by offering a onetime $25.00 off a purchase of $50.00 or more during the patient’s birthday month! This MUV discount is not able to be stacked with any other discount or combined with any other MUV promotion.

MUV Dispensary Information

MUV Patient Referral Program

MUV dispensary feels that their patients are their best brand ambassadors and wants to reward them with a MUV patient referral program. Whenever a MUV patient refers a friend, that has not been to any MUV location, MUV will give the referrer $25.00 towards their next MUV purchase.

MUV Florida Virtual Consultations

MUV dispensary provides patients with the ability to schedule a virtual consultation if they would like to speak with a MUV certified product consultant. The consultation is FREE and patients can schedule the appointment by clicking here and selecting the “Virtual Consultations” option.

Join The MUVment Promotions Alert

MUV dispensary Florida offers patients updates on new products, special limited time promotions, and much more with their alerts program. Patients are able to sign up for the MUV dispensary alerts program by clicking here and scrolling down to the section of the page that says “Join the MUVment!” and entering in their email address.


MUV dispensary provides their patients with delivery within 20 miles of their locations. There is a $20.00 delivery fee, but delivery is FREE for orders that are over $200.00!

Payments Accepted

MUV Dispensary Florida accepts payments in the form of cash or the CanPay App. Almost every MUV dispensary location will have an ATM available for patients to use.

About MUV Dispensary

MUV dispensary Florida was inspired by a firsthand connection to patient and caretaker communities and they were driven by the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Florida residents. MUV’s mission is to produce reliable, safe, and effective cannabis based treatment programs with pharmaceutical level quality and consistency. MUV cannabis products are created with a foundation of scientific research and development. The MUV dispensary Florida research and development team is led by PHD scientists that are passionate about studying the effects of cannabis and progressing their understanding of using cannabis as a medicine. This MUV team is composed of industry experts on the various chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis plant, including a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. The MUV team develops new products in conjunction through valuable feedback from both marijuana doctors and medical marijuana treatment patients. MUV dispensary will continue to advance and perfect their portfolio of pharmaceutical grade cannabis products. Releaf Medical recommends browsing the selection of flower, RSO products, ratio products, transdermal patches, capsules, tinctures, cartridges, and the many other wonderful products that the MUV dispensary supplies to patients. The MUV first time discount and the continued MUV discounts make the MUV dispensary a great choice for all Florida medical marijuana patients.

The medical cannabis industry experts at MUV dispensary work with the staff at Releaf Medical to provide the correct delivery routes, dosage, and products to ensure patients receive compassionate and effective care. If you are considering medical marijuana treatment in Florida and would like to visit one of the many MUV locations, you will first need to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor. Releaf Medical provides medical marijuana card evaluations for new patients, re-evaluations, and patient transfers. Find the relief you are looking for by scheduling your marijuana doctor evaluation today!


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