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Sunnyside Dispensary

The One Plant Dispensary is now the Sunnyside Dispensary. Sunnyside Medical is the first national retail brand of Cresco Labs. At the present time all One Plant discounts and promotions are still valid at all Sunnyside Medical locations.

Everything medical marijuana patients in the state of Florida need to know about the Sunnyside Dispensary, the new patient discounts, all Sunnyside Medical discounts, and all Sunnyside Dispensary Florida information is displayed below. Releaf Medical is conveniently located right down the street from Sunnyside Boynton Beach!

Sunnyside Florida Contact Information

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Sunnyside Dispensary Discounts

Sunnyside First Time Discount

First Purchase: 25% Off Entire Purchase. When placing an online order patients will enter the code “NEWFAN25” during the checkout process. This new patient discount is not stackable with any other promotion of discount.

Senior Discount

The Sunnyside dispensary eliminated the senior discount when they introduced their savings program, “The More You Buy The More You Save.” The savings at Sunnyside Medical Florida are now even greater than before and available to everyone! More information about “The More You Buy The More You Save” discount program will be displayed below.

Veterans Discount

Sunnyside Medical Florida wants to say they appreciate their veterans every day and they thank them for their service to our country with a 25% discount on all purchases. Patients that are veterans will need to use the promo code “VETERANS” and upload their veteran ID card at checkout to redeem this discount.

Buy More Save More Discount

The more medical marijuana products patients purchase with Sunnyside Florida the more they save! The Buy More Save More discount tiers are displayed below. These discounts are not stackable with any other promotions or discounts Sunnyside Medical Florida offers.

Spend $150 save $22
Spend $275 save $55
Spend $400 save $100

Birthday Discount

Sunnyside dispensary Florida wants to know when it’s their patients birthday so they can give you a 25% discount on your entire purchase! This birthday discount is for a one time use only and is redeemable anytime during the patient’s birthday month. When placing an online order patients will enter the code “BDAY25” during the checkout process. This birthday discount is not stackable with any other promotion of discount offered by Sunnyside Medical.

Sunnyside Florida Information

Sunnyside Medical Loyalty Program

The more patients shop at the Sunnyside dispensary the more they are able to save with the Sunnyside loyalty program. Sunnyside loyalty rewards program gives patients 10% back on all their purchases. Patients of Sunnyside Medical Florida will need to join this loyalty program by clicking here and typing in their personal information. The information about the Sunnyside loyalty program is being updated as they purchased the One Plant Dispensary and are still making some changes. Patients can read more about the Sunnyside Dispensary loyalty program by clicking here.

Sunnyside Promotions Alert

Sunnyside Medical Florida offers patients daily updates on new products, special limited time promotions, and much more with their alerts program.  Patients are able to sign up for the Sunnyside dispensary alerts program by clicking here and entering in their personal information in the register form.

Payments Accepted

Sunnyside Medical Florida accepts payments in the form of cash, debit card, or the CanPay App. Payments made with a debit card will have a service fee charge applied. Almost every Sunnyside Dispensary location will have an ATM available for patients to use.


The Sunnyside dispensary Florida offers patients a delivery service with their online delivery scheduler. Sunnyside Medical Florida charges a $25.00 delivery fee, but does offer FREE delivery to patients that purchase orders over $125.00. Sunnyside Medical was originally the One Plant Dispensary and delivery options may change. Please contact your local Sunnyside dispensary location to receive more information about their delivery options.

About The Sunnyside Dispensary

Sunnyside is the first national retail brand of Cresco Labs. The mission of Cresco Labs is to revolutionize, professionalize, and normalize medical marijuana treatment in the United States. Cresco Labs purchased The One Plant Dispensary and is a national cannabis company that operates in over twelve states. The focus of Cresco Labs is to provide their patients with access to consistent high quality cannabis so that their daily lives improve through a natural treatment method. The Sunnyside Dispensary locations are there to shed light on the confusing world of medical marijuana for Florida patients. Sunnyside Medical believes that the incredible cannabis plant holds the potential to assist relieving chronic and debilitating medical conditions while being a part of their patient’s everyday wellness routine. The Sunnyside Medical staff is just as friendly as the One Plant Dispensary staff and are dedicated to helping all their patients unlock the benefits that the cannabis plant provides. Sunnyside Medical is proud to offer one of the largest selections of cannabis products available on the market. The Sunnyside Dispensary product lines is impressive, premium marijuana flower, edibles, vapes, concentrates, and a large list of products from one of the most trusted names in the cannabis industry. Simply put, Sunnyside Dispensary is dedicated to supplying their patients with the absolute best products available!

The medical marijuana industry experts at the Sunnyside dispensary work with the staff at Releaf Medical to provide the correct delivery routes, dosage, and products to ensure patients receive compassionate and effective care. If you are considering medical marijuana treatment in Florida and would like to visit one of the many Sunnyside Medical locations or Sunnyside Boynton Beach you will first need to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor. Releaf Medical provides medical marijuana card evaluations for new patients, re-evaluations, and patient transfers. Find the relief you are looking for by scheduling your marijuana doctor evaluation today!


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